Mahon Point Farmer's Market 2

Just some photos of the range of stalls and foodstuffs on offer,it was really filling up at this stage
Farm in East Cork,farmers; Rupert and Aine, cook; Clancy
O'Connails handmade chocolate
Ballintubber farm and allotments all organic veg.
Home baking
Declan Ryan Arbutus Bread
Cup cakes from Bite size Confectionary,Midleton
Homemade pasta
The Community Stall, it is free to groups,allotment owners or farmers who would not have enough produce to keep a permanent stall so this stall is available by contacting the organizers of the market.East Cork farmer Frank Scannell was selling produce today, I believe his top quality Ballycotton new potatoes were selling out.

Ballycotton Free range poultry
The Gubbeen stall
Mahon Point is very user friendly with lots of seating placed around to enjoy coffee or some of the delicious food on offer.
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Anonymous said…
hi peggy,
i positively drooled when i saw those cupcakes!i was over there around 1pm and it was still so busy,bought turnips and strawberries and had the obligatory latte and sandwich!
mangocheeks said…
Thank you for sharing Peggy.

This farmers markets looks far advanced and with a more diverse range of products than those we have here.
Siddons said…
Hi Peggy, I'm so jealous of the amazing farmer's market you have on your doorstep. We have nothing that good around here. The variety of produce on offer is astounding. Mahon Point has now made it onto my list of places to visit (normally avoid shopping centres like the plague!) Sara
Sue said…
I go to Farmers' Markets regularly, at the opening time, too, even though I garden. There are things I can't grow, or harvest as early as others with greenhouses can. We are at the beginning of the sweet corn harvesting. Yum! If I grew corn here, the squirrels would probably eat it.

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