A Varied Week

The week kicked off with Callum's first birthday party which he enjoyed with extended family, his hands are being held away from the cake but he did manage to get a handful of fresh cream!
Jack got his first tooth!
Scott has been walking for a while but I never got a photo of him in action, I think he just stopped here to pose for the camera.
The weather has not been conducive to outside gardening so I have been finishing off items I had started and which can be done beside the fire!These are two grown up sweaters for Scott.The turquoise wool was part of my stash but a little to girly for a boy so I teamed it with cream for one (with the V neck) and with navy for the second one (with a shawl collar). They are double knitting yarns but I knit it doubled as Aran weight on 5mm needles to make them nice and chunky.
My crochet is very basic and I find it impossible to follow a pattern so it can be slow ripping until I get what I want. The two hats were done like that, I did the blue one first with the pink flower for myself and Aisling decided she would like one in pink.The flowers I found online and was able to follow the instructions easily enough.I cannot find the website but when I do I will acknowledge it.
The buttons will be a source of another post as they were bought in Cork Button Company. This is a small Cork Company which has been in existence for many years,they used to make and dye buttons for specific orders ie: knitwear designers etc.I am not sure if they still do that but they have literally thousands of buttons lining the walls and is a treasure trove of colour and shapes.
I had blackcurrants in the freezer since last year so I took some of them and made jam during the week. The smell of jam making brought back memories of summer short as it was!I used the easy method by Darina Allen and it works a treat for blackcurrants as well.
That was my week in words and pictures I am getting impatient now to get out to the allotment there are so many jobs to be tackled and the gardening year needs to be kick started.
I have my seeds picked out and will be sowing these soon I also got Colleen seed potatoes and onion sets which are languishing in their packs until the weather improves a tiny bit.


Glad to see you are back! I have lots of jam jars(clean) i would trade for a home-made pot of jam...hint hint!
Scott always manages to look surprised or stunned in his photos but so appealing!
It looks like a varied week all right!Kathleen
Ann said…
Love the sweaters and hats, you've had a productive week and you made jam!

I've bought seeds ready to start on my window sill. Also bought a small pack of seed potatoes, the normal bags of seed potatoes is much too big for my veg plot so I was pleased the shop was selling these.
My goodness, is Callum a year old already? Seems like yesterday you were posting pictures of little babe.
Peggy said…
Kathleen, will swap no bother, Scott always does look surprised does'nt he!

Ann,I have seen these samll baga and they are a great idea becuase it means you can have a few varieties too.

Latane, I know the birthday took me by surprise too!

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