Our Journey Through Alzheimers

Latane over at Life in Wakefield and her friend began this in December. On the first of the month they will write about a blog they visit and think others would enjoy.Latane also has another blog, the one I think you should visit ,
Our Journey through Alzheimers, this is about her daily journey dealing with this debilitating illness with her beloved husband of 59 years.
If you never come into contact with this disease (which is highly unlikely)this blog would encourage anyone to overcome what ever trials life throws at them
Latane writes with compassion and a sense of humour, it is not always sweetness either because some days it gets her down but she writes about her feelings of anger and vulnerability also.I always feel humbled and renewed after reading this great blog.Please do visit even once, I think you will go back again and again.


Anonymous said…
My heart goes out to her and her family. I have known several people who have had this disease. One of my friends mother had it and anothers aunt had it. Recently one of our neighbors wife had it and died last year. So far I have known more women than men who have gotten it.

Ann said…
It's such a terrible disease, I don't know how wives/husbands cope, it must be heartbreaking.
mangocheeks said…
Thank you so much for sharing Peggy. May I wish you and your readers a Happy New Year and good health.
Catherine said…
I visited this blog ages ago and found it very moving - my mother has dementia at 94 so it is possibly age not Alzheimer's but it is sad to see the shell of the personality. Sometimes the old mam shines through in a remark or a look, and it is literally priceless.
Thanks for highlighting this blog! Happy New year to you and yours.

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