Big Freeze

The big freeze is set to continue for another 10 days it seems.Snow is forecast for tomorrow in the south, listening to the radio this morning I heard that the ground is frozen up to a depth of 30cms!This is having tremendous effects on any crop which is still in the ground and will seriously delay spring crops being put in.I took photos at home this morning of the bird feeder and bird bath (water in a flower pot tray). I think this black bird was hogging the bird bath, the thrush was hopping impatiently on the gate post.
One of the bird feeders by the door and the black bird is still hogging the bird bath.
I took Kevin and Scott out to the Lough today as Kevin had never seen it frozen over. Yesterday afternoon some one fell through the ice and the City Council broke all of the ice around the perimeter with a JCB. Crowds of people assembled around the Lough yesterday when schools which had not closed due to the weather left their pupils out. The girls were lucky to get out there during the morning while the snow was still on it and they were able to skate for a while.
The sign in the background says Danger Ice! I would think some wag put it out there before the break up of the ice and now it will have to remain
Scott swinging in the playground at the Lough
Kevin loves the swing also
This series of photos shows seagulls moving in and taking food which people have brought out to feed the ducks and swans
Seagulls circling in the background as someone to the right throws in some bread.
Seagulls diving in...
Swans look on bewildered as seagulls grab their food...
Up and away....
We left the Lough to see if there was still ice on the Lee fields, there were hundreds of people out enjoying this unexpected freeze up, they may as well get some enjoyment from it as water pipes are bursting and a lot of homes are now without water for the second time in a few weeks.
All sorts of items were pressed into service to glide on the ice, baby booster seats, milk crates even pieces of timber, young and old alike tried staying upright on the icy surface.
Kevin had a go..OK I'm upright...
Baby Jack stayed at home with his Mom and was toasty warm!


Anonymous said…
Scott looks like the cold does not bother him anyway! I am surprised someone was throwing bread to the swans as there are signs up saying not to since the outbreak of botulism that killed off a lot of them last year!
We are without water now and though i have heating i am sitting in my coat at the computer!
mangocheeks said…
Hi Peggy,
Its freezing cold in the West of Scotland too. It's nice to see people making the most of it.

My bird bath has frozen over many times over the past few days, that we have been making an extra effort to keep the birds watered.

I like your new header, I am thinking about changing mine too - esp as I no longer have plot 11.
It's really interesting, though sometimes alarming, to see the weird weather patterns in Europe and parts of the US. I hope you weather this (groan) without any adverse affects. We get this sort of weather all the time, of course, but it's still annoying to deal with, and I worry about those who aren't accustomed or equipped for it.
Di said…
Sorry about the freeze. Several weeks ago we had frigid temps in the PNW that lasted for weeks... most unusual for us. Now we have 45-50 degrees and will be happy to send some your way.
Jo said…
Oh wow, Peggy. That looks cold. Is this the coldest weather you remember in the UK? Does the rain let up a little when it gets cold? I am in North Africa and already I have time to blog, visit other blogs, comment, read, write... (((Hugs))) Jo
Peggy said…
Kathleen, there were not too many feeding them but I reckon the cold weather will kill off any lingering bugs!

Mangocheeks; you are getting it a lot worse then us, I have started paying attention to the Scottish weather forecast now!I am going to photograph the plot from the same angle every month and change the header pic.

Jodi, thanks for visiting I will pay a visit to your blog shortly.Where are those global warming gurus now when the whole northern hemisphere seems to be freezing!

Di, thanks for visiting and I will also pay your blog a visit. Those temperatures sound just about right, I htink I could live with them!

Hi Jo, I am glad to see you reached your destination safely. We usually do not get very cold weather in the South of Ireland maybe a few days in late jan or early Feb.The rain has stopped for the moment!

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