Frost Bitten

Just a couple of random pics around at home as I have not been venturing too far in the present icy road conditions.A view from an upstairs window, this was taken around mid day today when the frost had begun to fade a little.Our forecast for the remainder of this week and all of next week is a polar air flow down over the country,temps in some places are hitting MINUS 8 or 9% Celsius!
My spider plant may be frost bitten! I did not think to bring it in or cover it as frost is not something we usually have to worry about.It is quite close to my back door and the heat and protection of the house.
These are (hopefully will)be a clump of white Lillies, I am not sure of their horticultural name but here they are known as St Joseph's Lillies.They are taken to the church on a specific day during the year to be blessed. This clump was taken from the garden next door when my neighbour who was an old lady died recently.She had gotten them from a friend many years ago..they have probably been passed around gardens and friends for years and years!They had looked quite spindly for a couple of months but had suddenly perked up and sprouted new leaves, now I can only hope they survive this cold spell.I will give an update in a few weeks time.
All was not complete doom and gloom, I found these popping their heads over ground in the flower bed at the front of the house.I think they could be crocus but cannot be positive, so it will be a bit of a surprise to see what comes up!


Twisted willow said…
Up in Clare it's much the same. -8 last night! Just wonder how many plants we're going to lose that have been fine here for years.
Ann said…
I've not been out at all so I'm wondering how our plants are doing. With a bit of luck this cold weather will kill off some insect pests that flourished in the previous mild winters.

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