Hard Drive....Slow as a Snail

I have had some computer problems for a couple of days hopefully now sorted by very patient SIL Rob! It took me about 2 hours to get the previous post done as Blogger was loading so slowly.I published the blog and had to turn off the computer after about an hour of waiting for it to load as I had to go out for a few hours.I thought it had published but I could not work on the computer for nearly 2 days to find out. I could turn it on but Windows was not opening.
It was still in draft form when I finally got back online last night!
I have answered every ones comments on the relevant posts until I can visit everyone again.
Thank you for visiting and leaving comments while I have been incommunicado, they are all appreciated.


Ann said…
It is so aggravating when the computer is playing up - you have my sympathy! Mine is much better now that I had it reinstalled, but now my printer is acting awkward, it keeps jamming.

I think that pastry is better for savoury pies and the pastry you used for the mince pies is nice for fruit, I'm making apple and apricot pie tomorrow mmmm.
Jo said…
You have my sympathies, Peggy. Hope your troubles are soon over. Don't worry, we know you regularly post, visit and comment so we'll wait until all's well again. (((Hugs))) Jo
Linda said…
Hello Peggy, thanks for your kind words. My Dad is improving a bit, but still a way to go.

I'll look forward to catching up on your blog - I see snow and Brigadoon, so it's obviously a rich mixture! But right now I'm heading out to check the allotment. We haven't visited for a month, what with being away for Christmas and New Year and then back north again last week.
Matron said…
I have ditto computer problems! mine is running so slowly that I can't always watch BBC or ITV player. I keep getting popups telling me I have 'insufficient bandwidth' - will have to take my hard drive to the computer doctor for a spring clean!
Statch said…
Peggy, I just discovered your blog from reading the Life on a Southern Farm blog, and am really enjoying it! I love your pictures, and am looking forward to reading more about your gardening when the weather warms up.
Peggy said…
Ann, I like the sound of the apricot and apple pie!Techie things have a habit of going awol on groups!

Jo, Thanks Jo, it seems Ok now, it is just a case of finding enough time...!

Linda, i am looking froward to seeing you plot after all this snow and ice, you had it a lot worse than we had. I'm glad you Dad is improving.

Matron, we all store all sorts of things on the hard drives which are easily done without!I have hundreds of photos, most of the plot etc, which once the ones I want to put on the blog are used I should really delete all the others.

Statch, welcome along and thanks for taking the time to comment,you have some lovely photos on your blog also.I will be visitng again to see what you get up to with that 6.5 acres
Thanks for welcoming me back Peggy. Best of luck for 2010.



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