January on the Allotment

I decided to take a drive out to the allotments today to see how they were faring in the cold weather.It was sunny and bright but very cold at around midday, not a lot of frost around but even the grass on the pathways was hard and crunched beneath my feet.Pic above is the view down the 'new ' plots of last year.
Photo taken from the end of our plots, frost can be seen on the path where the sun has not gotten around to shining yet.Not a body to be seen and I did not hang around too long either!
Our own plots with our poor scarecrow, I still have not gotten around to rejuvenating him...one of these days!A lot of work has been done for this coming season but more would have been done only for the very wet weather we had in October & November. I heard on the radio today we had the wettest November nearly in living memory and now we have had the coldest December for over 30 years, would this be an omen we are going to get the hottest summer this century? I think not, somehow Global warming has not found us here in this small island yet!I think it will be sometime before we get on to the plots to begin digging again.
Sun Shining but the ice on a pathway shows no sign of melting at midday!The sun may be out but the temps are not rising above 2% Celsius.
At home, my trusty water butt that kept us in loo cistern water for the duration of the water cuts back in November. I thought the lid was a bit to one side and went to straighten it but could not move it as it was stuck down firmly with ice. I eventually freed it and could not believe the top was frozen solid.
I tapped the butt all the way down and sure enough it was frozen solid all the way, not a drop when I turned the tap on!
We have had 2 weeks of these very cold temperatures so far and at least another week to go. We in the South are not getting it as bad as other parts of the country who have had to contend with snow and ice as well.


Bangchik said…
ohhh.., scarecrow dutifully hold on to its post... guarding even when its freezing cold. ~bangchik
Anonymous said…
We are having colder temps here in WV in the States. It has been some time since we have seen temps this cold and so much snow too.

We are going to redo our veggie garden beds this year. Making raised beds again. We had some years ago, but the wood rotted and we did not redo them. I have been reading up on the square foot garden and may try it.

Just think if you were to throw a party.........plenty of ice on hand for those vodkas and mojitos!
Just crack the butt with a sledgehammer and viola!!!
See what this iced in atmosphere has done to my mind!
It has been a strange year in 2009 and now everywhere it seems.Global warming here in the states is not in sight. ;-) I have been seeing the cold that has hit Ireland. I have to drain my rain barrel before winter hear or it gets frozen solid like yours. I hope your cold spell ends soon.
Ann said…
It snowed here again last night and is snowing a little bit now. I haven't been out in it but I've got to go and do a bit of food shopping, not looking forward to it! We'll catch the bus, it's too frightening for me to drive in this.
Catherine said…
Happy new year Peggy! We have bad ice and frozen ground but no snow either - wish we had as it is boring having all the drawbacks of bad roads and no snow to make it all good to look at! I have had a couple of skids at work. Not good, frightening but no pranging to the car or me thankfully!
All the best
Brrrr! Looks cold. I had a pop-up green house
here at my rental home in Germany. (landlord
wouldn't allow a garden)
It was great for growing all kinds of veg, but
sadly we had a storm that toppled it over.
One chili plant remained and now resides in
my hall. I hope to start over as soon as I

You have a wonderful blog :)

Best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous
New Year!


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