Gardening Friends Project

I said in my previous post that I had received my gardening by letter package yesterday.Anna over on Flowergardengirl blog organized this mammoth task. There was one recipient for each month we all sent our cards to Anna who then undertook to send all of them to that months lucky participant.It was my turn for this month and what a lovely bundle of gardening related cards etc I have received. My daughter remarked yesterday on seeing the contents of the package it is lovely to receive 'nice' post, no bills ,circulars, junk etc.We have lost the art of letter writing in this age of text and computers.
I received such a myriad of beautiful gifts, the rule being they should fit in an envelope!Handmade bookmark in cross stitch,coffee and cookies, magazines and material.Music, lots of seeds, bought and some saved from the writers own gardens, some of which I have already seen in flower on their blogs! The yard long beans I will have to Google!
Crafty stuff ,scented soap & handmade cards. I was amazed to see such lovely cards made from the bloggers own photos taken in their gardens.What a lovely way to show relatives and friends some of your treasures!Most of them also included postcards of their own areas which spread from Wiltshire in the UK to Nova Scotia, Canada and various parts of the U.S.
I will visit each of the blogs over the next few days and thank each and every one of you personally.A big thank you to Anna who is the next and last recipient.The bloggers who took part are listed below and as the weather continues cold and unsuitable for gardening maybe you would like to visit them and do some virtual gardening!

Anna Flowergardengirl @ Decorate a garden
Jan @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Jodi @ Blooming Writer
Jared @ Pleasant Hill

Catherine @ A gardener in Progress
Phillip @ Gardens of a Golden Afternoon
Jan @ Thanks for 2Day
VP @ Veg Plotting
Kylee @ Our Little Acre
Ann @ Northeast Gardener
Kathleen @ Kasey's Korner


Anonymous said…
Wow you are so lucky. So many wonderful gifts. Good Luck on the projects.

VP said…
So glad you've received your parcel at last Peggy. It was such a fun project to take part in :)
Lynda said…
What a lovely idea this is ! I love all the homemade cards - so clever to make cards using photo's from your own garden, too ... I agree with you that the art of letter writing is dying a slow (& sad) death. I still like to hand write thank you's though - I hope that my children will do the same as they grow up ...
Jo said…
Peggy, wow, yard-long beans? Do tell once you've googled them. I LOVE the idea of cards made from gardening photos. Sitting here in a'dusty' city, thousands of miles away from my lush South African garden, I often browse through my hundreds of garden photos. I still have three friends whom I write to by "snail mail" They're not into electronica yet and I'm glad I can still practice the art of handwriting. I did a post on this once... Thanks for an interesting and colourful post. (((Hugs))) Jo
Ann said…
What a fabulous package to receive!!! I'll visit their blogs as you suggest.

By the way - I made that pastry with the grated potato and it turned out very nice. I made a meat and potato pie topped with the pastry, it was lovely and crisp round the edge but soft and puffy in the middle. I'd make it again.
Peggy said…
Willow: it was great to receive so many thoughtful gifts

Vp:It was a great project to be part of, I am still re reading the cards and looking at the lovely items enclosed.

Lynda:I know in todays fast world it is ofetn quicker to send off a text message or email but after htis project i will try to make a more personal effort in future.

Jo: I will let you know all about the beans once I Google them.It is nice to have your photos on a computer for that reason also, they can be called up anywhere you are

Ann: I forgot to watch it again!I htought it sounded a nice 'pie' type of topping now an apple tart...?!
I was waiting to see the comments as I love to read them!! So glad you enjoyed your package. I'm enjoying mine as things come along. It's been wonderful and fun packing up the contents each month and sending the parcel out to each recipient.

I like to call this a gift that keeps on giving. I'll go add your link right now.
Was this not the most fun project to participate in? Thank you for all the lovely items that you had sent me, I received mine in April already. I can't wait for Anna to open hers.

I'm so glad you received your package. They sure are lots of fun to go through. What a fun experience to be a part of!
Kathleen said…
What a nice post about the Gardening by Letter project Peggy. Wasn't it so fun to open that envelope? I just received mine a couple weeks ago and it was like Christmas all over again.

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