Fog & Frosty Weather

First of all I am so excited by today's post! My gardening by Letter project package arrived from Anna of Flowergardengirl blog. I will do a post about it tomorrow as it deserves a complete post to show and tell!
The Met office said we were in for a thaw and the weather would improve so the Minister for Education said the schools could go back today....but we had freezing fog last night and woke today to treacherous roads with black ice, visibility was down for most of the day as fog lifted and then came down again in a blanket as dusk fell.
High tides yesterday evening meant a lot of localised flooding (again!)Some areas in West Cork were impassable between icy roads and floods. Today at lunch time as I drove out to pick up the girls I found myself looking down on the Lee Valley bathed in fog!It was like being in an aircraft looking out at the clouds.
Top pic could pass for the legendary Scottish village Brigadoon appearing out of the fog once every hundred years!It was a musical back in the '50's starring Gene Kelly.My apologies to my Scottish readers but we have to endure 'The Quiet Man'as a typically Irish story!

The valley is covered in fog, the black outline to the top is the other side of the valley, down there somewhere in the centre is Cork City!The river Lee flows through the valley and the fog had stayed anywhere there was water.

Son Kevin took Lauryn and Aaron out to the Lough to see it frozen over also, readers abroad may not understand our fascination with snow and ice but we normally do not get this kind of weather!The City Council sent in a digger to break up the ice around the edge of the Lough after a fool hardy youth fell through thin ice.Snow fun...

Kevin has his camera set on small pics for email!Snowmen of all shapes and sizes populated our housing estates and the children were kept busy building for the two days the snow was with us.


Jo said…
Phew, Peggy, that is some thick fog. Do you have special fog lamps on your vehicles? Keep warm - I look forward to your post tomorrow.
Ann said…
Love the fog pictures - spooky! It snowed most of the day here yesterday, it looked like frozen drizzle, think it's thawing today.
I've made a list of veg to start off on my window sill, looking forward to seeing your post tomorrow.
My word, you are having a time of it with Ole Man Winter, aren't you? We are having our own terrible time but not where I am... son Michael is catching the brunt of the wintery blast though.
Lovely video! The fog is weird all right, usually seen in the early morning or late at night but all day??? The airport is invisible!
Someone said it is like a scene from THE Mist!! Scary!
Matron said…
The sparkling scenery is stunning when the snow falls, but only if you are nicely tucked up at home watching it from the warm! Lovely photos!
I am so thrilled you got your package!!! Glad it got there safely.

I have been worried about you. It's just time for that weather to give you a break.
Peggy said…
Jo: It is very thick fog which we have not had for years but at least now it is not SMOG!We use smokeless fuels etc so it is not the dense smelly fog of some years ago.

Ann:The fog was spooky the, kids were fascinated especially when you were on the higher parts of the city and could look down on it.

Latane: Hi and it is good to see you back in action after being so ill.

talesfromagarden:It was all day up here and around the north side of the city mostly.

matron: so that is where you have been...?!

Anna;package arrived safe and sound

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