Sunny Sunday on the plot

We were out on the plot on Sunday which was a lovely Spring like day but now the temperatures have plummeted, some parts of the country are 4 or 5% below freezing which is very unusual for Ireland.The no dig method is being tried out on the very end of the plot where we have had nothing growing for the 2 years we have had the allotment. First photo shows the stages recommended. First the ground was covered with well rotted manure.I had to leave that over Christmas for no other reason than I could not get out there.I saved all the left over veg, peelings and also put on the remains ( leaves)of the sprout plants,the stalks of the beans and any yellowing leaves from the broccoli. Then covered it with cardboard and finally black plastic all held down with rocks.
It will be left like this until it is time to set the potatoes. In theory when the plastic is lifted off the very nice worms will have mixed in all the rotted compost and cardboard. I need to read up a bit more on it so watch this space!
These are what was supposed to be the celery plants. The stalks are very thin probably less than finger thick, with a very funny root ball. They are down since July and have not grown any bigger for ages.I bought these as plants which looked and smelled like celery and earthed them up as advised for celery but I am wondering could they be celeriac???!!
They will be of some use in the trench for composting, which is coming along nicely. I am filling in the trench as material is going in. There will be more for this now that the no dig area is sorted.


Darla said…
That is very interesting, never seen it before!!
Lindab said…
Could be celeriac. I tried it a couple of years ago but in a dry summer, and didn't water it enough. It looked a bit like this, but it was meant to have a root like a turnip!

I've replied on my blog to your question about Christmas cactus cuttings.
Peggy said…
The root does resemble a tiny turnip, to grow celeriac you should pull off the outside stalks as it is growing to help the root to grow bigger so I think the label fell off of this and someone smelled it and thought it was celery?
We live and learn!
Anonymous said…
I haven't ever try to grow celery or celeriac, but I would think by now the plant would resemble a celery stalk, wouldn't it?
I have wanted to try the black plastic composting. I have used cardboard before for mulch/weed control in my flower beds. It worked really well. I put pinestraw and leaves on top of the cardboard(after spraying water over the cardboard to keep it weighed down).
I will be working in my beds soon. Can't wait.
Have a great day.
Peggy said…
Hi Pam I did'nt wet the cardboard and your comment is the second reference I have seen about it.I will go out hopefully at the weekend and wet the cardboard.I did wonder briefly about that as the plastic would prevent any rain from seeping through.
Thanks for that.

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