Seed Success!

Yesterday there was just a hint of something in the seed trays , this morning they are definitely there!They were sown on 12th January and have been on a bedroom windowsill.That is 10 days from sowing to growing. Not all of the tomatoes have germinated fully as yet, maybe they will, maybe they won't.The tally so far is, 16 Marmand,8 Tigerella, 17 Gardener's delight, Golden Sunrise 3, the surprise is only 1 Moneymaker has appeared.
I am also very pleased with my Lupin seeds, this is the first time I have saved any seeds and was a bit dubious about whether they would come up or not.There are 9 of them in the tray. These are seeds from a lovely deep red Lupin I have for a number of years I don't know if they will come true to that or what, oh well another learning curve!

I saw this in B&Q the other day and invested 34.40e in it. It looks lovely in the picture!

Well I am pleased to say it does exactly as it says on the box!I have it in a back bedroom at the moment where it gets plenty of light and heat. I put the seed trays off the window sill in to it, with 4 shelves it is quite large so I now have lots of room to put in my seeds from the Organic Seed company as well.
It is not a very sturdy item as in I don't think I will be putting it outside, it could end up in the next parish on a windy day!


boy oh boy, lots of room to put seed trays. That shelving looks like it will do a great job in getting you plenty of seedlings to plant.
Darla said…
Great news on your seeds! I have so been wanting a portable greenhouse, Congrats on that for sure. You will get many seasons of seed starting success!!
Scarecrow said…
Looking great Peggy
I have heard of those little units blowing away so hang on to it! :)

There could be more tomato seedlings to come...I had some that seemed to take ages to come up...but they did!
Your spring must be getting close now!
Anonymous said…
That is really fast sprouting.
I worked in my raised beds today, but I haven't got any seeds planted yet to sprout.
You are well ahead of me!
I like your shelves. It will be ideal for your sprouting seeds to grow.
It will be planting time outside before we know it.
Have a great day.
The Tile Lady said…
Oh, I LOVE this! Wish I had a greenhouse, so this would be a step in the right direction, that's for sure! Can it be put on a porch or patio?


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