More Seeds

First something totally unrelated to seed sowing.I just had to take this photo of Sam yesterday sitting on the fire hearth. It was the only sliver of sunlight coming into the room and he was taking full advantage of it!
The seeds which I ordered from the Organic Seed company arrived this morning! I ordered them online on Sunday evening, that is fast delivery. I have two more tomato varieties,
Berner Rose :Salad tomato with a pink skin, for indoors or outdoors 2.30e
IncasF1,early maturing plum tomato 2.70e

Parsnip: Halblange White 2.30e
Carrot: Nantes 11 early carrot 2.30e
Salad onion: red salad onion again unusual, can be left bulk up for pickling 2.60e
Peas Karina: Second early peas giving up to 10 peas per pod. 2.80e
The Organic centre supply unusual and heritage varieties and ones which are not commercially available. All of their seeds are certified organic.
I am looking forward to sowing and as soon as I get my trays sorted out for the indoor sowing. The parsnips will be going in early too, as last year we didn't sow them until May which I have since discovered is very late for Parsnips. They should be the first seeds into the ground. Ours did grow last year but there was a huge variation in size.


Anonymous said…
Sam looks so cute(excuse me, handsome) sitting on the hearth.
I don't blame him one bit for trying to capture the sunlight.
I may be trying that my ownself later this week. lol..

I am looking forward to seed sowing also. I can't wait for spring.
Have a great day.
Darla said…
That's one smart pup you have. I love the packaging for the seeds, and yes they did arrive fast! Can't wait to see your seeds in progress.
I can hardly wait to see your allotment in full production.
Peggy said…
Poor Sam is 11 years old in human years,completely deaf and is worse than a bad husband!
Thomas said…
Hey nice selection of seeds, did not know about that website before! They have an Amazing selection.
Peggy said…
Thomas, Try Deelish nurseries too, on usefull sites on side links.

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