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Saturday 17th January we braced ourselves for the worst storms for years.The west coast suffered the brunt of the Atlantic gales,there was lightening damage and wind gusts of up to 170 miles an hour were recorded off the north west of the country. Since then we have had snow, frost, icy roads and torrential rain and flooding.its not weather for being outside unless it is absolutely necessary!
Then Saturday morning at 9.35am baby Callum William decided he would bring a little sunshine into our dismal day.He weighed in at 7lb 1 oz, a baby brother for Alex and grandchild no 14.He came home on Monday and has almost succeeded in organising the entire household to his routine!
There are 2 more grandchildren on the way (that I know about) the next one is due in 5 weeks and another in July, please God.


What a little bundle of joy. Your house must ring with the squeals and laughter of little children. What a blessing.
Anonymous said…
Callum William is a cutie.
I imagine brother Alex is enjoying being a big brother.
14! That is wonderful, Peggy.
Can't wait to see pictures of the next 2. Or more.
Darla said…
Mercy Mama!! That's a lot of babies running around!! They get cuter don't they?
Fantastic - Another blog to read into. You hava a link on my blog.

Will go back in time and catch up to present day.

Keep on rollin Peggy.
Lynda said…
Congratulations Peggy, on your 14th granchild ! He is adorable, you tend to forget how small they are when they are newborns ... like a little doll !
Peggy said…
Thanks for all of your comments,thankfully they don't all descend on me together!
Alex is taking his big brother duties very seriously and you do forget how tiny they are.Scott who is only 5 months old now looks so big compared to baby Callum.
He's gorgeous! Congratulations to the happy family.
Matron said…
Babies everywhere on blogs at the moment! people will do anything to get out of digging the garden! Welcome Callum, and congratulations Peggy!
Peggy said…
Thank you Rachel and matron for the good wishes.
Jo said…
Congratulations Peggy! What a teenie little guy. I've been off the blog for a day or two due to storms and almost missed this wonderful news. Grandchildren are such a blessing. Hugs Jo
maureen said…
Hi Peggy
Thank you for visiting my blog and the comments. I am glad you found me. I have been looking at your blog and will have a better look later on this evening.
I see you not only live in Ireland (lucky you wish I did) but also love Irish music. I love it too and we visit Ireland quite often.
I have family in the North mainly in Co Down which is where my father hails from. My maiden name was Magee.
Congratulations on the latest addition to your family.
The Tile Lady said…
Oh, what a precious little one! He looks so sweet!!!!! I love his content little sleeping face! How excited you all must be! And I love his name. Wow, lots of sweet grandbabies are coming into your world, and that is such a blessing!

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