Busy Hands

While blog surfing a couple of weeks ago I came across Rosehip who had a pattern for crochet flowers.I have been able to do basic crochet but have never followed a pattern. These looked so colourful I had a go and ended up making this buggy blanket for baby Callum.
This is a close up of the three colour flowers,there are plain squares in between and I also found a brilliant basic crochet tutorial on the purlbee.While waiting in the car to pick up the two girls after school I had my crochet with me. I would make up about 6 white centres and then do all the green sections and then the blue on them, so it meant I only needed to take one needle and one ball of wool.
I had lots of the fabric left over since I made the knitting bag for Linda, I got the idea to make a needle roll for my knitting needles.Since I went back to knitting, my needles are all over the place so now I just need to gather them all in to my patchwork needle roll.
There are two rows of elastic sewn in to slip the needles through, I backed it with strong hessian as the elastic would eventually pull the material.
The finished knitting roll with patchwork squares and I used red binding to keep all the layers together securely.
So in between seed sowing I have been sewing.


Aren't you the talented one!! I am so impressed with the buggy blanket. It's so cute and making flowers is no easy task. And, the needle case is a great idea. I don't knit anymore but I would have loved it if I still knitted. The old arthritis keeps me from doing a bunch of stuff I would love to.
Secura1 said…
Mom, am so jealous.
Attempted to crochet blanket, just ordinary square one and had to redo it lots of times before I could even get it going properly. Yours turned out beautiful, the flowers are brilliant - you'll have to show me how definitely and I so love the needle wrap. One of those would go lovely with my knitting bag! lol hint hint
Peggy said…
Thanks Latane, found inspiration and links through your site.

Mmm...Linda how did I know you would think along those lines?
Darla said…
Oh, I adore the buggy blanket!!
Lorie said…
You are amazing! I love the flowers! You did a great job.
Lynda said…
Peggy, you've been keeping busy ! You are very clever with your hands - sowing & sewing, I like that :) I have given your blog an award which you can read about in my post today, I really enjoy your reading your blog & what you have been up to, & find it quite inspiring ! Have a lovely day ...
ute crochet flowers, will have to think of a way to use that pattern :)
am i really related to you? I have to get someone to thread a needle for me for gods sake!is there no beginning to your talents!
Peggy said…
Darla, thanks for comment
Lori thanks for visitng and leaving a comment
Lynda will be over to visit and see awards
Rachel, I am sure the flowers can be adapted to anything and of course you don't have to stop at 3 colours!
Kathleen,I think you did try your hand at knitting once! Your talents lay in baking, cooking and flower arranging and of course the garden.Talking of baking it is a while since I tasted one of your Pavlovas!
The Tile Lady said…
Oh, I adore the crocheted blanket for Callum! The colors are wonderful. I used to crochet, and may have to take it up again and eventually try my hand at something so lovely! And the knitting needle roll is great! Now, that's something I could make for sure! :-) You are so smart using that time sitting in the car to such good purpose.
Crafty Gardener said…
Congrats on making the afghan with the crochet flowers. It looks warm and cozy. I'm a crafter too and love making crochet blankets. Your quilted needled holder is very nice. We seem to have similar crafting ideas as I've made needle and hook holders too.

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