Seed Sowing!!

This is the collection of seeds I bought in B&Q today, Tomato Collection,Herb Collection, Parsley and Beetroot.I was on Irish gardeners forum and there were posts about sowing tomatoes already!I have sown them in individual trays which were saved over the winter.Don't forget to put drainage holes in them, one method on Scarecrows Blog here The method I used is here small trays are great for small amounts of seeds as I know from experience?, setting them in a large tray and even though marked the names always became lost or mixed up!
The seed trays are now on a bedroom window, the covers are ones bought in previous years but because they don't fit tightly they will allow some air to circulate.There were packets of Tigerella, Marmande,Gardener's Delight,Moneymaker and Golden Sunrise, so it is a good selection of various types so if they all germinate we will have fun trying them out.
The trays lined up on the window, notice the rain running down outside!The plant labels are the cover of a butter container cut into strips. The only thing that wrote easily on them was a marker for CDs/Dvds.
Sweet Peas residing on the kitchen windowsill again in recycled pots saved over the winter, deeper ones as they have a long root system.These were planted back in late Oct. They were in the shed since, where they grew long and spindly as there is only one small window and they grew upwards to the light.There was also a visitor ( mouse)? in there as some of them had been broken or pulled out of the soil.I had pinched out the growing tips to hopefully make them bushy.
A Mammy spider plant with her young! This was a tiny plantlet which I rescued off of the floor when visiting a house some months back and put it in to my handbag. I put it in water when I found it in there about 2 days later,then into compost when it had developed some roots.It has been watered on a very hit and miss basis, but has grown and produced these babies which I have repotted.
Spider plants were very popular some years back but were forgotten in favour for the more exotic house plants that became fashionable. Spider plants are tough and easy to grow and keep and there is nothing like them to brighten up a corner, especially during winter.
I also set some Lupin seeds I had saved last year from a big red Lupin I have for a number of years. This was my first time trying to save seeds so again it is a case of wait and see what happens.
I set all of these seeds and plants on a day which is not considered favourable by the biodynamic moon planting method!It does advise stay out of the garden but as it is raining (again) I was not really doing anything in the garden...was I?
So it is definitely a case of wait and see what happens!
B&Q also had Asparagus, horseradish and Jerusalem artichokes on sale. There seemed to be one crown/tuber in a pack for 3.20e. I bought our asparagus plants as one year old crowns in Dunsland Garden centre 2 years ago. They were really strong crowns and this year we will be able to harvest Them!!


Darla said…
that is so aexciting to me. Have been cleaning today so as to get my seeds going tomorrow, know what I'll be dreaming about huh?
Lynda said…
Peggy you've been busy ! I love all the recycled containers & the idea on how to make the labels. I'm about to plant some flower seeds & was wondering how to go about making all the labels as you say, they always get lost/mixed up & it's very tricky here as our gardeners don't read/write any English but I have developed a method to help them of colour coding & pictures ;) I was using wooden ice cream sticks (bought from the nursery on my travels to South Africa) but they do get weathered and wet quite easily, so I think I will try your method next time !
Jo said…
Hi Peggy, what a wonderful job you do. And so many lovely tips. I also love your recycled containers. Right up my street, in keep down the landfill globally. This is the first time I'm able to post a comment, please forgive me. I looked at your spider plant and it is very similar to an indigenous plant (indoor and out) here in South Africa: Chlorophytum comosum. The common name is Hen and Chickens and also, wait for it: Green Spider plant! (First time I noticed this name) I'm doing a post on a mystery plant in my house which is flowering at the moment. With your knowledge, perhaps you can help me ID it? Hugs Jo
Lindab said…
Oh no! You're sowing too! I'm getting very itchy fingers looking at all this activity, but it's still way too early here.

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