Springing up all over

Fame! remember the leg warmers? Well they are alive and still in vogue, this is one of the horses near the allotment.I had to take a photo of them, I asked the girl who was grooming him why he was wearing them and she said they kick their shins so these were to protect them. Most of them wear dull grey ones but these are really cute!
My cavalier king charles spaniel Sam, looking very cold and bored wondering why I was out in the front garden taking photos on a cold windy day!He hates anyone pointing a camera at him and keeps looking away.
This is what I was taking photos of, tiny catkins on the contorted hazel tree.
Daffodils and crocus peeping above ground in the flower bed at the back
daffodils appearing in the flower bed at the front of the house. It is really a sign that Spring is on the way and this cold dismal winter will be over. It has not been too bad so far, we have not had any rain for weeks1


Our winter has just begun, Peggy. But, I bet my daffodils will soon be peeking through the frozen soil, too. Crazy things. ha. They better stay where it is warm.
Anonymous said…
I do remember the leg warmers. I think I still have a purple pair buried in a dresser drawer somewhere.
Sam is looking handsome too.
I have daffodils popping up here too. I already see buds coming up.
Thank-you Peggy for the order. I'll have it out tomorrow.
Have a great day.
Darla said…
I do wonder when winter will show up here. We had some really early freezes and then spring like weather. I bet it will knock our leg warmers off when it shows up!
Stewart said…
Spring,can't beat it. It comes with hope and promise.
Love the horse's leg warmers - how very 80s :)
Peggy said…
Hi to all for visiting and leaving comments.Has started freezing here suddenly and temperatures have plummeted so the leg warmers may be taken out of mothballs!!

Hi Rachel ,thanks for visiting and congratulations on winning the National Geographic award. I visited your blog ( Rachels Ramblings) about food and travel. You are the first person I have come across who spent their honeymoon on the transmongolian railway from St Petersburg to Beijing!!

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