Some thumb twiddling

Hi to everyone who has dropped by while I have been 'off'.Its been 9 days since I did a post!I did log on from time to time and read some of my friends posts to cheer me up. We have had a few days of very hard frosts, something which we have not had at this time of the year for quite a while.It is more seasonal now than in February so maybe we might get summer next year if the seasons move back in to sync!I have not been out to the allotment either but I am sure everything is getting on fine without me.I have been saving all my kitchen waste for the composting and hopefully I will get out there before the end of the week.I have not been twiddling my thumbs at home, well in a manner of speaking I have, as I have as I taken out the wool and knitting needles once again.I was reading the down to earth blog and was inspired!
I started with a neckscarf, nothing too complicated and quickly finished as I did not want to run out of steam halfway through.Not only did I finish one but started another and put in a large buttonhole opening to slot one end of the scarf through. They are just large enough to circle the neck inside a coat collar.Then I got adventurous and started a waiscoat type thing.If my back and shoulders are warm then I am warm, and my arms have free movement in this,it also fits snugly inside a coat or jacket.
I did a lot of knitting years ago when the children were young, knitting all of their winter sweaters and cardigans and also knitted aran sweaters for a company who sold them in shops.I worked for a number of years in a company call Tivoli Spinners who manufactured and dyed knitting wool and designed knitwear patterns.They still operate but on a much smaller scale.I can remember all dept. stores having a wool section about 20 years ago but now I think in a city the size of Cork there are 2 small wool shops. Knitting is making a comeback though and if it is good enough for Julia Roberts it is good enough for me!


Stewart said…
I'm amazed at what people can knit and now you have shown even more knitting to be amazed with.
I think it's the patience to sit in one place long enough to do what you do I find amazing enough.
Darla said…
That is way too cute!! How much do you charge for those? Seriously!
Lynda said…
Peggy, we missed your blog posts, glad that you're back again & sorry to hear you've been unwell ! Your knitting is lovely, I never have the patience although I used to knit as a child. I have nominated your blog for an award today in my blog post !
Peggy said…
Hi Stewart, knitting is something you can take with you, I did a lot of that while sitting in the car waiting for my grandchildren to come out of school.
Darla, I don't charge as I just knit for myself and some baby clothes. I would hate to have to knit to a schedule, I did for a long time and it took the enjoyment and relaxation from it.
Thanks lynda, I will be over to grab some east African sunshine!
Darla said…
I understand about the schedule for sure. Do you know where they sell those? They are just darling!
The Piece Maker said…
Hi Peggy
I remember buying my wool at Sear's stores when I first started to knit in school. My Mom would take me and I would spend hours deciding on what I liked. I sure hope wool shops make a come back.....I am not very fond on the wool sold in Walmarts.
Is there a pattern name for your waiscoat type thing ?...I really like that one.
The Tile Lady said…
Oh Peggy, your knitted items are so lovely! And you whipped them up so fast! I am really impressed! I love that you used to knit aran sweaters and other items for shops! I'm with Darla--I wish you could sell your things, but I sure understand how having deadlines can take the fun out of it! I remember seeing a sweet baby layette you had done in a post when I first started looking at your blog! I can't knit, but I do like to crochet. Mom knits and she started teaching my daughter recently....I'm with you, I hope it becomes increasingly popular! Anyway, so glad you are back to posting!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
I hope you are feeling better now.
I just love your knitting. You should check out the site.
You could really sell those as fast as you made them (if you wanted to)
We have had some very hard frost down this way also. Unusual for us.

Have a great day.
Peggy said…
Hi everyone ,thanks for the visits and comments while I have been absent!
Hi piecemaker, The shape with the yoke shoulders and shaping is from the fairisle designs.All the pieces are knitted to just past the sleeve shaping and then all the stitches are put on to a circular needle and knit and shaped as one piece.
Hi tile lady, thanks for the comments. I would love to crochet to a pattern but have never been able to make sense of them!
Darla,Something similiar may be on Etsy as there is so much hand made stuff on there!

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