Handmade Dolls

When posting about knitting last time I began thinking of some of the knitted items which the girls had made.These ones are Linda's, the mother of two boys aged 12 and 6 who makes dolls for the nieces!The first is the rag doll, reminiscent of 'Holly Hobby' which Linda had growing up and loved,until someone who shall remain nameless pulled the arm off of her!!?She found a pattern online for the body but did not like the head, hair or features,so this one is an amalgamation of various other ones.The nude one waiting to be dressed is for one of her sisters.
This is the completed version which Linda also knit the pink frilly dress for.
Another daughter Kathryn,found this pattern in a magazine at one time and knit it for her daughter.Linda then came across it in a book by Jean Greenhowe (see Books from Amazon on sidebar)and has knit this one. This is Cinderella in her ragged dress
When you flip the doll over here is Cinderella all dressed up for the ball!

This photo shows the two sides of the doll, also known as a combination doll. There is also one available of red riding Hood who flips over to become the Grandma!It takes a lot of work knitting some very small pieces but the finished result is really for the family heirlooms.


Secura1 said…
Hi Mom,
don't my dolls look only lovely! Very modest of me, Jean Greenhowe also has a fabulous web site of her own that you should check out as well.
incase Kathryn pops on to see your blog I better get to finishing that doll of hers. lol
Darla said…
What a great job, those are adorable.
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
What cute dolls! Your daughters are so talented. They must take after their Mother...
Great job, Linda and Kathryn!

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