family Christening

Baby Scott was baptised on Sat last and thoroughly enjoyed being the centre of attention!He was 18 weeks old and sat up to chat to everyone,even upstaging the priest on the altar. The allotment is not getting too much attention this weather and the Christmas get together was on Sat also but I had to miss it. I will get the news from it soon and hopefully someone took some photos!
Parents, Godparents and big brother Kevin getting a birds eye view of Scott getting the baptismal water poured over him. he did not mind at all and even though it was a bitterly cold evening he did not even whimper.
Scott's other Nanny also knits and made this beautifull blanket out of intricately patterned squares.This is one for the family heirlooms as an awfull lot of time and love went into making it.
One of my other daughters knitted this for Kevin when he was baptised and it is now Scott's turn to wear it.She hand knitted the gown, bonnet and bootees in very fine wool in a very detailed pattern.Scott was all kitted out in handmade Christening clothes which will be put away for the next recipient!
This is myself and Scott having a Nanny moment!


He's precious, Peggy. Those grands can't be beat. I miss mine. But, they promise to come visit right after Christmas.
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
Baby Scott is a handsome little fellow.
I can't get over all the beautiful hand knitted items. Just beautiful.

I see you passed your knitting ability on to your daughter.
The picture of you and Scott having your Nanny moment is wonderful!

Have a great weekend.
Darla said…
How precious are those moments and personal too. Thanks for sharing them with bloggerland. Love the knitting, and do you and he have the same color eyes? Cute!
Lindab said…
Hi Peggy, thanks for visiting my blog. Congratulations on your handsome grandson!

I'm acquainted with Cork from a distance - every year music students from the School of Music come over to Edinburgh for a Suzuki music workshop that my children attend. We've grown to think of the Cork students as honorary Edinburghers!
deepika said…
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