Parsnips and pests

I pulled up the row of parsnips, they had lots of frost and I may not be out to the plot on a regular basis to pick them. The leaves had withered back from the frosts so I had to dig them out. There was a huge variation in size, due probably to sowing as seeds a little too late. I went back in the blog to the first post mentioning parsnips and the seeds went in on 23rd may.That is the great benefit of keeping the blog I can keep track of when and how we put things in.
A close up of the size variation! They were all a good length as the ground was well dug, the longest one measured 15ins from top to tail end.The photo shows a normal sized one and 2 smallees one even looks a little like a tadpole!Seeds will be in fine and early next year.
The garlic has come up and I think is now just marking time until the ground heats up a little in Spring ,when hopefully they take off growing.
The winter onions came up OK and were making good growth but something seems to be eating or pulling the tops off of them! Have rabbits or pigeons a taste for onion tops?!
I think it may be rabbits as the most damage seems to be at the end of the bed next to the path.This end of the bed has hardly anything left,it is not just the tops missing the onion set has gone too.I covered this side of the bed with some spare netting to deter them from going in. I hope we can set some more onions in spring to replace them, even though they will be a different type.Do rabbits hibernate in winter? if they do we might get some relief from them!!


Darla said…
I am so envious! We have tried 4 different locations around here for veggies no luck as of now. We are going to try one more area for a spring garden.....wish us luck!

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