New Year, New Life

Today, New Year's Eve Ed and myself went out to the allotment for an hour as it was dry though cold in a biting easterly wind.I took out the veg peelings etc which I had saved over the holidays and spread it over the 'no dig' patch. We then covered it over with black polythene and weighted it down with rocks. The snails in theory now get to work and 'work' the soil!I forgot to take a photo of the finished section. The rhubarb was poking through the mulch of horse manure, the first of the new growth on the plot!
I got more well rotted manure and piled it up around the crown to protect it. We have a huge supply of horse manure on the allotment. This is well rotted and black as the digger was out recently and exposed the centre of the pile.Fresh manure is not good as there may be too much acid or something and it can burn new growth or plants.
I upturned the biggest pot I had out there, over the rhubarb as we will get some severe frost before the winter is over.
So the promise of things to come and new life beginning the cycle all over again gives us hope and a sense of anticipation for the year ahead.
May I take this opportunity to wish friends and visitors alike all the best for 2009 may we have a productive and fulfilling year in all that we do.


Darla said…
Happy New Year to you Peggy.
Lynda said…
Peggy, sorry I am so late in wishing you & your family a wonderful, peaceful & happy new year - I hope that 2009 is a great one all round !
Lynda xx
Sello Mathakhoe said…
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