In the Bag.

I had finished my attempt at quilting and patchwork a few weeks ago but as it was a 'Secret Santa' gift it had to remain a secret for a while!Reading Latane's blog and looking at the lovely handiwork with which she created some beautifull quilts I decided to give it a 'go' albeit on a much smaller scale.This side is simple small squares stitched, I must confess on the sewing machine.I did not have a 'stash' to work from so had to buy some fabric in what I thought were complementary colours.For the first time I understood that quilting and patchwork are not the same thing! When I had the squares joined and backed with wadding I thought it looked a bit 'flat', I sewed criss cross lines with the sewing machine and it gave some body to the piece.
I did not have any pattern to go by so I had to work out each step, a bag may sound simple but to add pockets, handles and line it, while not hard work did take some time.I had looked at various knitting bags on sale and they all looked (a)too small, (b) not enough pockets to put all the bits and pieces in to.This side has quite a large pocket to keep patterns in and the long pockets on both sides are for knitting needles. There are smaller pockets inside for needles,tape etc.
Now that I have started and having some fabrics left over to begin a stash I may try another small item.


Lynda said…
Beautiful, Peggy - you are very clever & I think I would've used a sewing machine, too !
Terrific job, Peggy. I am proud of you. That bag shows a real creative mind and no telling what you could make. Just keep on going, girl.
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
I love your quilted bag. I would like to try my hand at quilting soon, also.
Just another of my want to do list.
You did a beautiful job. I like the pockets.
Have a great day.
Secura1 said…
Hey Mom,
Well as the bag ended up being for myself and I know I've already gushed about it on the phone to you, I can safely say those photos don't do it justice. It's wonderful. I had a much smaller bag but this is great, plenty of room for my wool, seperate compartment for needles, measuring tape, patterns etc. A bag for knitting projects should really only be created by those who knit, the perfect size. I really love it Mom and it will get lots of use. The detail and colour is brilliant too - now I know you are capable of quilting, I know where I'm going for lessons. :)
Love Linda

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