The knitivity!

A lovely seasonal group of knits. Daughter linda knit these last year,again from a Jean Greenhowe pattern book,Christmas Special .Check out the Amazon Books on side bar.Her handy husband then made the crib from some plywood.daughter Aisling's contribution was to name it 'The Knitivity'!
This is a close up of some of the intricate working on the figures.
On a lighter note, something the kids may enjoy knitting! These are Spaghetti Dolls,so called because they have long dangly limbs.Their clothes are really fashionable and they look really cute teens!This pattern is in a Claire Garland book, again it can be got from Amazon.There are lots of books of cute knit bits, especially to get kids interested in knitting or just for using up oddments of wool and maybe donating the finished items to a sale of work or a charity event!


My, My.... so original, so much work and so charming. Good job, daughter.
Darla said…
What in the world? That is a lot of work for original.

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