Dried flowers

Some of you may remember the teasels growing on the allotment earlier in the year ,if not you can read about them here The last day I was out there before Christmas, some of them were still standing ,stark and withered ,so I remembered they can be used in dried flower arrangements I cut down some and brought them home.
They have a very prickly stem, while not quite thorns, are sharp enough. I left them stand indoors for a couple of days to dry out and gave the stems a rub with sandpaper to make them easier to handle. I laid them out in the back yard on a sheet of plastic and sprayed them silver.They took a few applications to cover them completely.It was a dry breezy day so that did not take too long.
Here they have been put in with a dried hazel branch to give it a bit of festive cheer.
In front of the fire added to another dried flower arrangement, the photo does not do them justice. I will see how long they last and give an update.


They do look great in an arrangement.
Hi Peggy
Lovely to hear from you and your mince pies look fab, as do these lovely dried flowers.
I must apologise as I mis-read my biodynamic calendar and northern planting time doesn't start until 7pm on 9th January, when it will be a 'flower' time. Next 'root' day for us in the northern hemisphere is actually going to be 15th January after 11am right up until 17th January at 3pm. Plenty of time to get more onions in the ground then!
Very best for 2009. Let's hope it's a fabulous and abundant year for all of us.
Scarlett X
Peggy said…
Hi Latane, thanks for visiting and compliment.
Hi Scarlett,thanks for the update and the 15th Jan does give more time!
Best wishes for both of you for the new year.
Lynda said…
They look lovely, Peggy & really Christmas-ey, too :) A tip I learnt years ago with dried flowers was to give them a quick spray of hairspray, it acts like a varnish so manintains the colour for longer and prevents them from flaking/disintegrating as much. I suppose that your silver paint might do the trick though, too ....
Peggy said…
Lynda,Thanks for that tip,it should keep flowers looking good for longer as maintaining the colour is the important factor for them.

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