Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Open Invitation

Catherine has a book launch on Sat 8th May in an actual book store!The book Mousetrapped has been selling very well online both on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.Friends and family have been bribed or otherwise cajoled into attending but she would like a few passing strangers to pop in just to add a little novelty to the proceedings.I am only joking Catherine, we are all delighted to attend!
It could be described as a travel book,or a handbook for any J1 visa holders or gap year students contemplating travelling and working in the US. I think it is the only
book available about working in the Disney resort in Florida, and is also a very good read both funny and informative (especially for unsuspecting parents who may wonder how their offspring spend their time away from the parental raised eyebrows)
Catherine's website
Anyone in the vicinity of Douglas Cork on May 8th around 12.30 ish is invited to pop in.


Anonymous said...

Bribed! Cajoled! Never.................did I mention the Evening Echo will be there!! Dress to impress! Also be there at 12.30pm sharp!especially relatives!

Barbarapc said...

We had students from Trinity come work for us at the bank - I imagine working in a theme park would be much more fun. Hope the book launch goes well & that everyone buys lots of books.

Lynda said...

Now ... if I lived closer I would definitely pop in, Peggy :)hope that the launch goes really well, & that she sells lots of copies !

nic @ nipitinthebud said...

you must be a very proud aunty.
Congratulations to Catherine

Ann said...

This is very exciting!!! Well done Catherine.