Easter Flowers

Happy Easter to everyone I hope the weather is good wherever you are. It will be cold and windy here but we are promised a big improvement by wed next.I took a stroll around the garden during one of our sunny spells today and was pleasantly surprised to see what had popped up in the last couple of weeks.The watering can was behind the plastic greenhouse doubling as ballast in case of gales, these purple pansies since last year have come up and flowered! I have put it back out where I can see them now.
My sweet peas were one of the casualties of the big freeze, I had some growing from seed I had saved last year and had moved them to the shed when the weather got bad. I completely forgot about them and I was wondering what the dried out pots of compost were doing on the bench when I remembered my poor sweet peas. I bought 2 pots of them in Atlantic Homecare for 1.99e each on Thursday.
They were crowded into the small pots,it is still too cold to plant them out so yesterday I transplanted them into bigger pots to allow them some growing space for the next couple of weeks.I soaked them in their original pots and then teased apart the roots and put them into bigger pots. There were 16 plants in one pot and 24 in the other!
Another surprise, I had shoved this bath tub in under the hedge to stop next doors dog from coming in. I noticed a flash of white and investigated and here were my hyacinths trying to bloom in the darkness!I took out the top couple of inches of compost and replaced it with a fresh layer,gave them a light liquid feed and now the lilies are coming up also.
I had noticed while driving around over the last couple of weeks that Forsythia had burst into bloom in lots of gardens. It seemed to be brighter and more eye catching than usual, maybe the big freeze suited it!To prove my point this is one I planted in my garden about 6 or 7 years ago, it never produced more than a couple of yellow flowers any year. The hedge grew in around it and it was clipped each time the hedge was trimmed. Today There are lots of yellow flowers peeping through the hedge.
The lupins are coming up having survived the frosty weather
To finish with the flower of Spring and Easter the daffodils are still blooming, one lonely white narcissus amongst them.
Thank you for the information on the Starlings,the power of the internet.It was the only day they were here so maybe they were just passing through!


mangocheeks said…
Have a wonderful Easter Weekend Peggy.

I noticed some lupin goriwng in one of my garden pots this morning, mine is a little way behind yours. Its nice to have some flowers alongside your veg.
Ann said…
Finger crossed that we do get some better weather, Peggy, I think the cold winter did suit some of our plants though. It'll be interesting to see how it has affected the aphids too.
Happy Easter to u Peggy.
See your motoring ahead as usual. The posts are great. love u'r lupin, I have found they get better every year. You seem to have a load of seedlings, I know they must be keeping u very busy. See u also spotted foxy's blog. Some interesting stuff there.

Hi Peggy, I can't believe I've only just found your blog, it's very interesting. I'm so impressed by all your seedlings and how organised your greenhouse is! I have an old watering-can just like yours but unfortunately the scented geranium that was in it never made it through the winter. I also love your scarecrow in the main header picture!
Catherine said…
Our lupins are coming up too but a lot didn't seem to survive or maybe it was my over-zealous weeding last autumn! I love seeing the spring flowers coming through, and I started forcing the rhubarb which is now about 6inches high under buckets. Oh and I replied to your comment on my knitting post over on the post in case you don't get notifications.

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