I had made an Aran jacket for Callum some time ago and his Mom had kept it for Easter.They called over on Mon so I could see him all dressed up! Callum loves the camera and modelled for me.
Is he adorable or not?!He is now crawling and into everything so posing on the couch only lasted for a few minutes then he wanted to be down and doing things!
We had very severe gales over the weekend and particularly last night, I went to bed very worried about the greenhouse but have to say it is still standing and if it survived that it will survive through the rest of the year.All the pots and trays did not move thanks I would think to having cable tied the shelves to the frame so there was no movement inside.I surrounded the edges of it with anything that I thought would anchor it down, there are bags of compost around the inside also.
The lettuce I planted out last week, I had noticed one leaf which could have been eaten or broken, the second morning another one had the same damage. I had read on other blogs about surrounding plants with egg shells so yesterday I put some around the plant as I thought it was the nearest one to the edge of the tub.This morning that one had no further damage but the next one had!I have now moved the egg shells in a line along the edge of the tub.
We will be having very egg related dishes for the next few days I think!
All of my tomato plants are growing on the windowsill and have developed second leaves so will be potted on soon.
The only no show were the red peppers which I will have to sow again.


Jo said…
Oh he's absolutely adorable, Peggy. And I love the jacket. You are a talented lady. I hope your weather plays the game soon. We are finally finished our holiday. I spent today in the garden with the gardeners - it was wonderful. The feeling has to last while I'm in dry ole Khartoum for four months starting Saturday! Keep well. (((Hugs))) Jo
Anonymous said…
Callum looks so cute in his new jacket. You really are wonderful with yarn!
I agree, he is very adorable.

I have something nibbling on my cabbage and need to try the eggs shell here.
I had read on another blog about starting seedlings in empty eggshells(they were using goose egg shells). I thought I might try some in the large Light Brahma's egg shell.

Good luck with all your seedlings.
Have a great day.
How time fly's by, have noticed this with my own grandchildren. Before we know it we'll be going to all their special days. Isn't the circle of life just great.
PeggyR said…
Oh Callum is so cute! Love his new jacket!
BT said…
He is gorgeous Peggy and that jacket is superb, you are multi talented!

I am impressed that you have plants growing already with the awful weather we've had! When we get the top on our polytunnel we'll be right with you!
Peggy said…
Jo, I have been following on the blog, you have had a fabulous holiday but everything comes to an end. I know you will find lots of interesting things to blog about in dry old Khartoum!

Pam,I just checked this morning and there is no further damage so the egg shells are working.

Liam,I know they grow so fast, my oldest grand children are now in college and it seems only a short time since they were like Callum.

Peggy R, he is adorable but a bit of a rascal!

Bt,The knitting is usually done during the winter.We started lots of seeds indoors over the past few weeks, I may be taking a bit of a chance putting them out but nothing ventured nothing gained.

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