The Last of the Blackcurrants

Today is a beautiful sunny day and warm to boot!I did not go out to the plot as had to catch up at home.I had 1 kg of blackcurrants left since last year in the freezer so made about 6 lbs of jam using the easy method. Simmer the fruit gently adding some water, heat the sugar in the oven, I used 1 1/2 Kgs to 1 kg of fruit.Add sugar to fruit bring to one boil and test,it is usually ready and pour into jars.The smell of jam making in the kitchen was reminiscent of summer evenings!
I had frozen some blanched pears last year and defrosted a packet to make this pear sponge. I would usually make it with apples but decided to try the pears. It smells devine but has not been tested as I write!The sponge topping is a basic queen cake mixture of 4 ozs marge, 4 ozs Sugar,2 eggs and 6 ozs SR flour.I will serve it with custard after dinner.
The tomatoes are growing and show no sign of wilting after their shift out to the greenhouse, I still have them covered with a propagator cover at night.
The snap dragons are out of their bubble wrap and growing OK in the greenhouse also,I open the doorflap during the day to avoid over heating the greenhouse as it is in a sun trap against the house wall.
Cauliflower plants , some are much bigger than others, only the strongest will go out to the plot and I will set more seed in a week or two to stagger the harvest a little.
I planted seeds of french beans and more peppers today, the yard long beans are also on the windowsill. I will lose my window sill on Sunday as I have a second foreign student arriving, I already have a french student after 2 weeks of a 2 month stay.The student arriving on Sunday for a month is Spanish so it will be a little like the UN for a few weeks!


Ann said…
I'll have my slice of pear sponge with thin custard please.

I'm still bringing things in at night, wonder if you get slightly milder weather. Your seedlings all look really healthy, that greenhouse is so useful isn't it.
Matron said…
Pricking out is detailed and repetitive work! I see you have been busy! We have warm days here now, but the skies are still clear and there is a frost most nights. I keep my tomato seedlings covered too.
Good Morning, Peggy. You are a busy woman as always. cooking and planting and enjoying life. Have a wonderful day to day.
Lynda said…
That's a lovely, easy method to make jam - I must try it sometime -sounds delicious, not to mention the pear sponge ... mmmmm ! So glad to hear that you're having some nicer weather lately, too ...
OffalyGoodLife said…
With all our focus on getting things sown, pricked out, planted out, dug up,weeded, tidied, etc., etc. its refreshing to think about what the fruits of this labour will be. Can I have a slice of that sponge with some jam on the side too please?

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