Sunday, January 31, 2010

Heigh ho heigh ho its off to work.....

I went out to the plot yesterday but had forgotten to charge the drill battery so the scarecrows arms could not be put on. I charged the battery overnight and today myself and Kevin set off. This is another birthday present getting an airing, its a canvas bag with pockets and tools around the outside and room for the essentials inside.We have no water on the allotments as the pipes were affected by the recent cold spell so the flask is an essential on a cold morning.
It was sunny but very cold after frost , even Kevin opted for a warming cup of tea!We fixed up the scarecrow and left after about an hour. Kevin was going swimming with his Dad so we had to be home early and it was so cold I could feel it coming up through the soles of my boots!
The potatoes chitting on a windowsill, I have not put them out to the shed yet.These are Colleen an organic first early.There were 30 seed potatoes of varying sizes in the bag. I will also put in a second early and leave it at that.
The potato is put into the box with the rose end up, this is the end with most 'eyes'where the shoots will grow up from.The first year we chitted them I was not too sure which end was the business end!
Our scarecrow will need some more work to freshen him up, today his arms were re attached and his head remade with a pillow case stuffed with straw.Its a bit on the big side but a hat will sort that out. Kevin grew the fierce face on him with a marker.
There were a couple of other hardy souls out today, William was busy digging and another lady just came out to walk her plot to get in the mood for later in the week!I had spent about an hour digging yesterday, the Golden Wonder potatoes which had to be left in the ground due to the rain and then cold weather which followed meant they were frozen into the soil. They had grown to a nice size but were riddled with wire worm holes. I gathered more sprouts which we have enjoyed for todays lunch.
I read on the comments of the previous post that Sharonl on Plot 103 was flooded out in Co Wicklow, I have to sympathise because they have to go in and salvage what they can before starting this year. They are a group of young people who made such great progress last year which was their first year taking on an allotment.
I gather from all of the comments everyone is dying to get out in gardens and flower beds to check what is left from the big freeze and begin the new growing season.


Stephanie V said...

I've just discovered your blog - via Catherine - and am already enjoying your garden posts. That scarecrow is wonderful! Our climates are very similar and we are growing our first organic garden this year.

We spent a lovely few days in Cork last summer.

Bangchik said...

With snow thawing and colors beginning to emerge, the new gardening season is going to be fun!! ~bangchik

W. Latane Barton said...

I see those little potato eyes just bursting with ambition to get on with the growing process!! Yummy little potatoes come spring.

sharonl said...

Thanks for the lovely comment Peggy! tool belt looks well handy, us gardeners are so easy to buy for, Cillian keeps telling me he's never stuck for things to buy me between kitchen gadgets and gardening stuff! good luck with the spuds they look like they're chitting nicely. We're starting ours this week so heres to the new growing season, really can't wait to get back at it.

Ann said...

Love your tool bag, a very useful present. I had to go and buy some decent compost for sowing my few seeds, the stuff I had was too fibrous and it wouldn't soak up any water. Still haven't checked my veg plot, you and Kevin are braver than I am in this cold weather!

Matron said...

Now it must be nearly Spring if your potatoes are starting to chit already! A bit too cold here still, it is below freezing most nights.