Forgotten Flowers?!

Have you ever bought bags of Spring bulbs as soon as they appear in the shops in September?
Have you intended to plant them as soon as you get home ,if not, definitely tomorrow?
Have you ever discovered said bulbs in various stages of distress in a cupboard/shed/under the stairs, weeks/months later?
Then read on, I bought daffodil bulbs back in October, brought them home and put them into the shed intending to plant them soon (the road to hell is paved with good intentions)!
I remember reading a blog around January saying daffodils could still be planted if anyone had been guilty of any or all of the above, I had just discovered my forgotten flowers in the shed.January was cold and the ground was icy and too hard to dig in any case and the flowers were forgotten yet again.
Photos are not in rotation, top pic is the daffs as of now in full bloom when all of the others are gone over and even dead headed!

My daffs languished in the shed until I happened to be looking for something and spotted pale green shoots peeping out of some netting.I investigated and there they were, most of them had produced shoots of 1 to 2 ins long and these were curled around one another. I prised them gently apart and thought they looked OK to plant, and this was?
18th March, yes the day AFTER St Patrick's Day!
Photo above is the daffs on 29th March, just over ground and the other daffs can be seen in the background.
Same daffs in the flower bed out back taken a couple of days ago, one in full bloom and some which had no shoots when planted are just coming through now.
Moral of this story....
Its never too late!


ONG said…
Wow! I had no idea that they could be planted that late. Next year I'll have to try it out just for fun. Thanks for sharing.
Why I garden... said…
Its amazing how resilient plants can be. I cleaned out the garage the other day and found some daffodils that had basically turned to dust (had to throw them out). Glad you got yours planted & they look nice.
Phoebe said…
I never know when to plant bulbs! I planted some very old and dry ranunculus last weekend, fingers crossed they grow! Your Daffs have inspired a sliver of hope!
Matron said…
The are just so resilient, aren't they? My patch of daffodils are regularly under water when it rains here, they are not supposed to like that at all, but every year they flower their little hearts out!
Willow said…
I did not know that either. I am glad you posted that info. It is funny how some plants will survive at all cost and some that are taken care of so much just end up dying on us.
OffalyGoodLife said…
A very similar thing happened with our onion sets - bought with good intentions in the autumn, then forgotten about until they started to sprout out of the bag. Nearly all of them made it as well - here's hoping all the other "forgotten" things are just as forgiving!

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