Spring Lamb and Seeds

We have a new resident on the Hydro allotments!Zwena has added a lamb and there is a companion arriving in the next day or two.Willow is the German Shepherd standing guard with Owen and lamb.I am always fascinated at Zwena's control over her dogs, Willow is a young dog and is in the process of being trained.
Owen and Lamb who I don't think has a name yet!
A seed sowing marathon was in progress today before I went out to the allotment in the afternoon.Matron visited Cork last year and very kindly brought me some packets of her own saved seeds.
This one is Lazy Housewife, a Victorian heritage variety, read about it on matron's blog.Recycled tall plastic containers with ready drainage holes underneath and most of them have clear covers making an instant incubator for small amounts of seeds. They came with soft fruits from Aldi.
Dog beans!Also from Matron,they have a stunning colour but are plain broad beans!
The windowsill is filling again, peppers on the left,I am leaving them here in the heat for another while.Lazy Housewife, Dog beans and Crimson flowered beans in tray all from matron.
Next to them are mangetout peas sown according to Terry Walton and put into a bag of moist compost to sprout before planting.Watch this space!
Far right two trays of Sundance Sweetcorn which we grew last year with great success.
Outside in the plastic greenhouse, calabrese,cauliflower and brussel Sprouts are sown. they do not need too much heat to germinate so are OK out here, I will cover them at night just in case!
Update tomorrow on what is sprouting at the moment.


Anonymous said…
A nice looking lamb! Willow is a beautiful German Shepherd! And Owen is a handsome young fellow! Your seeds are so impressive...can't wait to see them when you plant them at the allotment. Such a variety of vegetables! I know you're going to show us when they're cooked up ready to eat, my mouth is already watering.
PeggyR said…
The lamb is so cute and Willow is beautiful.
Why I garden... said…
The lamb and your new hens (just read your last few posts) all look lovely. Must be interesting getting to grips with hen-keeping; hope they're friendly!
Beautiful lamb! but it's a bad choice because I had the experience to have a lamb at home and it was terrible because he uses to eat all my crops, I think you have to take it into account.

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