Seedlings Everywhere!

We have had the most marvellous week of sunshine and high temps which sadly for us here in the south seems to have had a slight hiccup today.
We did not quite have rain but very heavy mist, what we would call ' a soft day'!The moisture was badly needed and was ideal as it seeped into the ground and did not run off as heavy rains would.Everything looks so green and clean this evening.

The salad pot is ready to start cutting, this was planted up with mixed salad leaves. I will plant another pot as I begin to use this one to have a steady supply until the heads of lettuce in the green house are ready for picking.
The sweetcorn was not a very successful sowing. I planted 16 seeds in these 2 trays on 9th of April and only 4 of them had grown into seedlings by today the 21st.
I potted them into 3" pots to grow on.
I investigated the compost and found the other seeds had become soft and were much the same as they had been when planted except for one other one which had a tiny shoot so the sowing yielded 5 plants!
These seeds had been opened last year, I used a new packet of seeds to make a second sowing today so fingers crossed.
Matron, you did say these were Dwarf french Beans?!
These are the thriving seedlings from a sowing of Dog Bean seeds which Matron saved from her own garden and passed on to me last year.They are described as Dwarf french beans but I think are related to the original bean stalk the way they are growing!You can still see the seed case on the plant if you look closely!
View into the plastic greenhouse this evening. I had to erect the mini greenhouse frame to have enough shelving to hold what is here at the moment and what is upstairs on the bedroom windowsill and due to come down soon.
Top shelf on the left:
Sweetcorn,Inca tomatoes,Sweet peas

Middle shelf:
Salad pot, more of the Inca toms.

Back, Top shelf: 2 aubergines, 2 cucumbers, 5 sweetcorn
Middle shelf:2 x trays Brussel Sprouts, Dwarf french beans
Bottom shelf: 2 x trays calabrese, 1 x cauliflower

Right,Top Shelf: Cabbage, lettuce, Yellow perfection tomatoes on their second potting on, now in 5" pots.
Middle shelf: More cabbage and second sowing of beetroot in peat pots.
3 x pots of Spring onions on the ground.

Lots going on on the windowsills which I will cover soon.

Happy Easter to everyone ,where ever you are may the sun shine!


Stewart said…
Beans sure do get a gallop up and as I was readind I was going to suggest fresh corn seed but you already worked that one out.
cathy@home said…
I love your little green house it certainly would free up a lot of window sills. My sweet corn was not that good either and it was a new packet I have to get some more.
Matron said…
Yes, dog beans are bush beans, not climbing. Happy Easter!
Jo said…
colambHi Peggy, good to see you. You are so organised with your plantings. I might just plant tomatoes, peppers and other salad veg in the garden shed, which has a wire wall in the front. That should be enough light? We cannot plant anything because of the monkey plague! It has rained a little here and looks overcast again. Hopefully it rains, we need it! Have a great weekend. Jo
Anonymous said…
Hopeful for your second corn planting germinating! Your lettuce looks delicious and your other seedlings are coming along. Any eggs yet from your hens? You and your family have a happy Easter Peggy!
Ann said…
The weather has been beautiful hasn't it, though we did have a thunderstorm and heavy downpour yesterday evening.

I haven't sown any seeds Peggy, I intend buying in the plants and sowing seeds when the polytunnel is up. It'll be interesting to see if everything catches up.
Flowering Pear said…
Yes Cathy i am agree with your comment great job and I love your little green house it certainly would free up a lot of window sills.
That looks rather familiar - I too am being taking over by seedlings of various sorts. I sympathise on the sweetcorn front - I stupidly only sowed enough for one block with no spares, so of course one hasn't come up... I've learnt my lesson for the next batch and will sow extras. The trials of being a newbie veg grower!
xlpharmacy said…
wow your little green house looks awesome, I would love to have one in my backyard, very nice ideas thank you so much

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