Having an Eggstatic Easter!

A very quick post from the hen house, one of my girls laid her first egg today of all days!I check every couple of days, just lifting the lid of the nest box a couple of inches but today I did a double take when I saw the small light brown egg inside.
It is small but perfectly formed!
The knitted egg cosy was made by Aisling's MIL, it originally covered a small chocolate egg. I imagine the hen responsible had the same look of shock and surprise when she laid her first egg!
A very Happy Easter to everyone.


Anonymous said…
Now thats what I call timing! Hopefully the first of many,the header photo is lovely too!Let us know how it rated on the taste scale!
Anonymous said…
I'm so excited about the hen laying her first egg! And on Easter, it's absolutely beautiful! Who is going to have the honor of eating it? Happy Easter to you and your family!
Anonymous said…
Thats great news, and over easter too, lets hope it is the first of many.
Matron said…
First laid eggs are always a cause for celebration! And on Easter Sunday too! Enjoy it!
Anonymous said…
I forgot to say that I love the purple flowers in your header photo!
Ann said…
Well done that hen!!! They must be contented, Peggy, for one to have laid an egg already>
hooray for firsts! I'm sure you savoured every mouthful. Do you still have some of your lovely asparagus to dip into the next one?

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