Homing Hens!!

Hen update, these are photos I took on Wed evening when the hens were roaming around the garden.Sam had not seen them up close before and stood inside the patio door actually struck dumb at the sight.He never barked just stared out at them, anytime I left the room he did bark I think to warn me they were trying to get in?!

They came right up to the patio door, one more daring than the others took to staring in at me!
The hen is actually tapping on the glass with her beak?!
Looking around for reinforcements or another way in?

Reinforcements have arrived, she is now trying to lift her feet over the edge of the glass!
I remember reading somewhere hens are the nearest in body shape etc to the dinosaurs, why am I thinking Jurassic Park and velociraptors??!
Ooh look, a rocking chair in the corner, I bags a roost on that.

Forget the chicken coop I want to move in here!


Captain Shagrat said…
I think you will be getting quite hen pecked in the near future. Looks like the bottom rung for you;-)
Kathleen said…
Thats a lovely photo of Sam looking out at the hens,you have quite a menagerie going on there now!
If they ever figure out how to climb in an open window I would worry though,cannot stand flying feathers!
Too cute! Our hens come in and out. They come in, wander about the kitchen, get bored and wander out again. They rather like being inside though I think! Often wonder what they're thinking, comparing their coop to ours :)
Meant to say, I love the pic of dog facing off chooks! Sam would probably hide if they all came indoors LOL they don't look afraid of anything!! And I do often think that they are very dinosaur/raptor-like!
Barbarapc said…
Looking forward to seeing next installment of Sam & the hens in the garden together. It'll be interesting to see how they interact....probably even more interesting for Sam.
Anonymous said…
Hens are like cats totally curious! They love to explore and examine their environment...they always believe the grass is greener on the other side of the fence or sliding glass door! Any eggs yet or are we still settling in?
Willow said…
They are so cute. Would have love to have see them do that.
Ann said…
Looks like you and Sam are going to get a lot of entertainment from your hens - as well as eggs!
Jo said…
Oh I love it, Peggy. The dog at the window in the first pic and then the hens coming closer. I had a pet bantam hen, Nando, for four years, slept on the kitchen counter, much to new visitor's amazement. Then she hatched one egg (I'd brought in from a friend with a rooster and hens) and raised KFC, large red hen. Thanks for joining me on my trip. My last installment is tomorrow! Have a great weekend. Jo

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