I spent quite a while on the plot today and came home looking windswept to say the least!The strawberry bed got a complete makeover.This is the finished bed under wraps.The cloches were on sale in Aldi a few weeks ago for 6e each, I bought one of each and had to use both to cover the length of the bed.There are flowers on some of the plants so bit of mollycoddling may produce some early fruit.
The before shot,brown leaves since last year and some leaves have brown spots?I cut them back to allow the new leaves to emerge.
The after shot, I did not realise there were so many blossoms until I had cleaned all of the plants up.I gave them a dressing of potash also, a Spring dressing is recommended for all fruiting plants.
Three more drills of potatoes went in, this time Duke of York which is another 1st early.There is space for about 3 more drills which will go in ASAP!Good Friday is often mentioned as the final day for putting in spuds but as this is a movable Feast day and as such is very late this year it may not be ideal!
Our asparagus is coming up and I forgot to take a pic,nearly all of the new plants which went in last year have spears coming through.I had bought 2 year old crowns so this year we will be able to harvest them.


Matron said…
Your strawberries are looking great. There are some really good garden bargains coming from Lidl and Aldi! - I have just planted my first row of potatoes, I was beginning to realise that Easter was much later this year.
Ann said…
Your strawberries look so neat and tidy! I transplanted mine and was surprised how many good plants I got from the runners. Had to transplant them to make way for my polytunnel!!!
Anonymous said…
You're rolling now...strawberries and more potatoes! The allotment is looking wonderful!
Linda said…
What a coincidence Peggy, I just posted about strawberries and then came here and saw your really organised plants. I'm impressed.
Jason said…
I have never had much success with strawberries. I have had conflicting advise on the subject. Do you replace the plants each year?
Willow said…
I envy you with the strawberries. We love them here and I wished we had space to grow some. Maybe will buy one of those containers that grow them.
karenmaryobrien said…
Hi Peggy,
I've just discovered your blog - it's actually the first blog that I really 'follow'. I'm always looking forward to the next post :) I'm trying to grow some veggies in our back garden at the moment and all your comments and photos are such a help and inspiration. Thanks for sharing!!
xlpharmacy said…
I really like the organic agriculture, at home I like to plant some apples and strawberries , excellent photos my dear friend !

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