Seedlings coming Through

Lots of pics to put up as they are sitting on my computer. Today was a beautiful day and I took the opportunity to get the remainder of the seed potatoes in the ground, mainly because I now need the space in the plastic greenhouse for the seedlings which are starting to take up more and more space.The seedlings will be left in the greenhouse only until the newest seeds planted need to come down from the bedroom windowsill by which time I hope the weather permits planting out on the plot.
Yellow Perfection tomatoes were left on the windowsill as they were looking a little wan after the last repotting they have now overtaken the Incas which came down to the greenhouse.They are now repotted into 5" pots
Spinach which will go out to the cold greenhouse on the allotment making use of it before the tomatoes are ready to go.
The Inca tomatoes still in their 3" pots.
Sweet peas in their toilet roll tubes.
Bolthardy beetroot in peat pots, some did not germinate but may do so yet, if not I will resow a few more
Carrots in bottomless peat pots.
Greyhound cabbage, I only sowed a few I swear!
Lettuce will go out to the greenhouse border with the Spinach.

Salad leaves will stay at home in this pot for easy picking, I will sow another pot next week to have a continuous supply.

Grow your own Mojitos! I repotted some of the mint which are growing fast.


PeggyR said…
I love seeing new things grow. We actually "greened up" a lot this weekend.
Anonymous said…
Wow you have been busy! Loved the post of the chickens at the door the other day, a very inquisitive bunch.
Willow said…
I also love seeing little baby plants growing. Mine are doing very well and in a few short weeks will be putting them outside. That part always scares me.
Linda said…
It's that busy time, isn't it, when we take loads of photos which then sit on the computer.
You have quite a production line going there!
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