I cannot upload a photo not even one! Blogger uploads and says click done and then the photo disappears into cyber space!
Update I have just uploaded one so I am now publishing in case it disappears again!
The Irish blog awards were announced on Sat night, the category I was short listed in was won by bicycletic an excellent blog and worthy winner. I also feel a winner as my blog was considered good enough to be nominated by Catherine and was short listed from hundreds!I have also visited the shortlisted blogs which were all excellent and Marie's
Beyond Breast Cancer is uplifting and reaches out to so many people.I was also honoured to be asked to write my very first guest post by Anna

My niece Catherine has just self published her first book and it is available to buy as of today.
Congratulations and well done Catherine! Catherine has set up a blog detailing the trials and tribulations and gives very sound advice to anyone considering going the same route,she has also set up a web page for the book, anyone who buys the book can log on and see the photos and videos she took while working in Florida which is what the book is about. The public can buy the book through various methods,it can even be bought as an Ebook, this young lady has been busy! The cheapest way to get the book into your hands is to buy from Catherine for 12.99e ( on the book web page) that includes postage to anywhere in the world and you can request a signed copy for no extra charge!
We have had torrential rain since yesterday which has now thankfully left us to dry out.I had intended taking broad beans and onions out to the allotment to plant out but I will now leave them until the week end as we are getting another cold snap over the next few days, snow even in the northern half of the country!
Another winner is our ferry MV Julia sailing between Cork and Swansea, it is booked out for the Easter crossings! The ferry organizers are thrilled as it proves they were right when they insisted it would be fully utilised on this particular crossing bringing tourists to the West Cork and Kerry region.
I had taken lots of photos of daffodils in bloom around the city, we are surrounded by golden blooms, a bit wet and bedraggled but still glorious thanks to the foresight of our City Council!I will try uploading them tomorrow when Blogger may be in better humour!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the mention! :-)
Ann said…
I had trouble with blogger yesterday too, Peggy, and when I went to other blogs, pictures were missing, seems ok today.

Congratulations to your niece, that's quite an achievement.

I got my onions and potatoes in on Sunday and covered them in fleece, since then it's rained a lot and cold weather is expected here too.
mangocheeks said…
It is lovely to get recognition. Well done to your niece too.

PS I've been having a little troube with blogger renetly too, not so much on the photo front, but comments. I go to publish a comment, and then it does not appear until an hour later. Strange.

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