Dinosaur Days and Tomatoes

I uploaded my pics in reverse order! Calendulla seedlings ,these are seeds I saved myself from last year, so I was delighted to see them coming up
I sowed a few of each tomato, these are 100's and 1000's a tiny cherry tomato they were the first up, I have taken off the lid now to stop them from getting spindly
Gardener's delight coming through. The Moneymaker and red peppers are the only ones not to show anything so far, I will give them another few days before resowing
I will have anthirriniums coming out my ears! These will have to be pricked out hopefully before the weekend.They will have to stay indoors even then as the weather is gone back to cold with snow showers around the country
I baked an apple sponge today, I bake every few days but forget to take a pic!This is a pastry base, with apples sliced and softened slightly in a saucepan,with a sponge top.The top is a basic queen cake mix of 4ozs marge,4ozs sugar, 2 eggs and 6 ozs flour.It has to be cooked at a slow oven temp (gas 4) to make sure the topping is cooked right through.A good dollop of whipped cream and that's 'afters' sorted!
Out and about with the camera, the trees are stubbornly brown and bare only the evergreens and furze bushes providing any hint that spring is here
Remember our dinosaur? Here he is with a carpet of daffodils around his feet, still a lot of surface water after the recent heavy rains
The dinosaur back in January during the big freeze surrounded by ice.
Himself back in November during our horrendous floods surrounded by water on all sides.
It is amazing the daffodils still came through after those extremes of weather conditions!
Remember tha told adage ; March, in like a lion and out like a lamb Listening to the wind howling outside I don't think so, March is going out with all guns blazing!


Becca's Dirt said…
Looks like you have been a busy lady. Can't wait to see all of your little pretties blooming.

Have a good day. Hope the weather co-operates for you.
That apple sponge looks so good!It was snowing all day in Dublin today! We are lucky so far though the forecast for the Easter weekend is not great,not good for gardeners anyway!
Ann said…
It is amazing how the extreme weather hasn't killed off the daffodil bulbs, especially after they were underwater too.

I sowed some carrot and leek seeds indoors yesterday, now I'm wondering how long it will be before we get a bit of decent gardening weather again. We had torrential rain yesterday.

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