Housekeeping on the Plot

Some photos of the plot, I remembered to take the camera today!The rhubarb bed was extended last week and I bought 3 new plants.They are Timberly Early, 6 plants might seem like a lot but we all use rhubarb and love rhubarb crumbles with cream! The one I moved a couple of feet suffered no ill effects and is growing nicely
The work in the greenhouse, instead of pots which dry out quickly we are putting the tomato plants directly into the soil.I pulled back the membrane and gravel and the soil underneath was in very good condition. I cut down a scaffolding board and piled up a load of manure to top up, all it needs now is some compost and it is ready to grow. I will put in some spinach and lettuce while waiting for the tomatoes to go out.
I bought a new gooseberry bush to replace the one the sawfly decimated 2 years ago. We missed having gooseberries last year.
hard to see but this blueberry bush is covered in buds, the other two have some but are not as healthy looking as this one.The whole fruit bed got a dressing of potash and heavy rain has it well soaked in.
The garlic is perking up with the milder weather they got a light feed of blood,fish & bone as a little pick me up after the long winter.
I sowed two rows of carrots and one of parsnips between the onions to confuse the carrot fly.The fleece has seen better days but it helps.
Some colour to round off the post, this is the Spirea in the back garden at home it is the first shrub to shake off the winter bareness and burst into colour.
Anna from The Urban farmer asked me to do a guest post on her blog, I was delighted to be asked and have sent it to her,when it is published I will put a link and you can read my first attempt at a gardening article!


Matron said…
Good luck with your rhubarb! I found it tempting to pick sticks from it in the first year, but resisted. It is just such a good, reliable stalwart when it gets going!
Ann said…
If you find a cure for the saw fly problem on gooseberries, let me know, all my gooseberry bushes were ruined a few years ago and I haven't had any since.

All your plants are doing well and everything looks lovely and organised. We've had a wet week here so nothing much got done.
Peggy said…
Matron, thanks for the advice because I would have picked a stalk or even two!

Ann, I pulled out the bush but was later told it was not necessary!
Anonymous said…
You have been busy ;0)
My blueberries and redcurrants are budding in thier pots in my back yard

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