Happy St Patrick's Day

A secret woodland location? No, this is on the corner of a busy roadway in Ballincollig, it was once a village but is now a satellite town to Cork city.This was a corner of waste ground traversed by pathways from people taking shortcuts across it.I noticed the crocus last year and made a mental note to watch out for the flowers this year.i am not sure who is responsible for the transformation maybe the Tidy Towns committee or the Council, whoever it is should be praised and commended for creating this woodland garden.The hundreds of daffodils in the background are slow opening this year
Houses can be seen in the background, the plot is quite small and the phrase 'small but perfectly formed' comes to mind
One of the busy roads that border two sides of the woodland area.
Some of it is bounded by this natural fencing which stops people from walking across but does not take from the over all simplicity of the area
A close up of a crocus. These will naturalise and increase each year and this little corner will be a carpet of spring colour.
(Click on the photos to enlarge)
Happy St Patrick's Day to everyone


mangocheeks said…
Beautiful colours of nature springing up here and there. It is a breathtaking sight.

Happy St Patrick's Day to you Peggy and your readers.
And the same to u Peggy. Think I know the spot, is it across the way from the centra shop on the main road close to the school.
Not alot happening this end, seedlings growing well, must sow some more seeds this weekend, think I'll wait till the end of the month to plant the spuds.
Ann said…
It's a sight for sore eyes isn't it, we are ready for a bit of colour.
What an enchanting little forest find. Like you are a leprechaun and you are dancing in the crocus..
Oh, my one little drop of Irish blood got the better of me....Happy St. Patty's day, girl.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos. I love that such wonderful wildlife can exist in th most unlikely places.
Stan said…
What a beautiful spot — fair play to whoever is responsible. Patches of flowers and plant life can transform a space, bringing flair and colour to a corner that might otherwise have been dull or unremarkable.

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