Potting on and more seed sowing

With the exception of one dull day the sunshine continues but still with very cold and frosty nights.Everything sown has come up and today I potted on the cabbage and cauliflower seedlings into 3" pots. I used good quality compost with John Innes added and a handfull of lime added to it. Last year I did this also and we had excellent brassicas, I did not lime the allotment bed but added it to each potting on mix.
A view inside the greenhouse, I don't need the mini ones since last year but rather than see them going to waste I assembled one inside the greenhouse for added shelving at the back. I cable tied the shelves again to the frame for added stability.
I wonder what cable ties were originally invented for and did the inventor get a Noble prize for inventing Something Really Useful? If not they should have!
The mange tout are all up and I have started hardening off by putting them outside in the greenhouse each day
The spring onions grown in bunches in the modules are up and looking good, these were grown as read on the Blackvillage blog
The brussel sprouts and spinach are also in the hardening off mode as they seem to be getting too leggy on the window sill
The white onions which were a donation from Mike are up, they were a bit slow but they had been left out in the greenhouse.
I sowed seeds of Broad beans, french marigold and calendula seeds which I had saved from last year. I found a packet of nasturtium seeds but held back sowing them as I am sure they have self seeded all over the place!
The potatoes are chitting and so far so good they have not had any unwelcome visitors.
I have bought books from Amazon from time to time and they send me emails every so often, I got one today for a new book Allotment Gardening for Dummies what I like about this one is you can browse the pages before buying and there seems to be some good chapters in it so I think I will add it to my bedtime reading collection.
Amazon.co.uk: Books: Allotment Gardening For Dummies


Darla said…
My goodness you have a lot of planting to do..looks great!
Ann said…
You just reminded me, I meant to sow some seeds in pots today so that's my next job. Your seedlings are all looking good and that Dummies book sounds just what I could do with.

I just took the orange and almond cake out of the oven, it smells delicious. And I'm really looking forward to trying the sour dough bread.
Rose said…
You're a fair one...your starts look great!
Anna Bee said…
Good tip about liming the potting on compost for the brassicas - I'll be borrowing that
Peggy said…
Thanks Darla,Planting will only come about if everything grows!

Ann, orange and lemon cake sounds delicious but sourdough bread?

Rose, thanks for dropping by a good beginning is half the work or so the saying goes!

Anna Bee,It worked for us last year so I am going with it again this year, hope it works out for you.

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