Irish Blog Awards Finalist!!

I could not believe my eyes reading Catherine's comment on my previous post,Catherine had nominated my blog in the Specialist category of the Irish Blog Awards.I had linked to the site and after reading some of the nominated blogs I did not think mine would feature anywhere in the running.
I am stunned and excited to be one of the six finalists in this category!
There are 22 categories covering every topic under the sun, they are funny, informed and thought provoking.I don't know how the panel of judges can whittle them down or decide between them, not an easy task!
None of these awards would be possible without very generous sponsors and
the Specialist category is sponsored by IQ content
IQ Content have sponsored the Best Specialist Blog category again this year. iQ Content is an Irish company, based in Dublin, working for clients from across Europe. We are passionate about helping to create better websites. We do this in four ways:

1. Expertise: we provide expert advice in the key areas of web usability, accessibility, content and strategy
2. Knowledge: we help create and share knowledge by conducting original research, and collating the best internet resources we can find
3. Outsourcing: we help address client resource constraints by providing expert development and content creation services
4. Training: we share and transfer our knowledge through public and in-house training events.

To see all of the categories and some very interesting blogs log onto Irish Blog awards
The finalists in my category are a very varied mix as follows

Ronan Lyons
Beyond Breast Cancer
Etsy Ireland
Stan Carey
I am in very illustrious company and may I wish everyone the best of luck in Galway on 27th March.
I cannot attend but have checked the ticket prices and they are a very reasonable 15e not the 300e asked by another award who shall be nameless!


That is so funny - I saw the list this morning on someone else's blog and rang Mum to check if you knew you were a finalist (she said you did). It's really amazing because there's sooo many blogs and to make the shortlist is fantastic. Congrats! :)
Peggy said…
Catherine,I did'nt know I was a finalist just that I had been nominated!Just making the shortlist is wonderful,its like the Booker Prize list!
PeggyR said…
Congratulations on being a finalist!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Peggy! Well deserved!
You have a wonderful blog.

Good luck to all the blogger and website finalist. I know it takes a lot of time and energy to keep up a site.

Have a great day.
Catherine said…
Well done again Peggy - I am chuffed and as I said I can bask in reflected glory of my nominee's accolade! It's well deserved as you are a diligent and informed and informative blogger - I hope you get there Saturday. Will be watching out for results.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on making the shortlist!I had seen the list of 25 then forgot about it again until I read your blog!Kathleen
Ann said…
Well done Peggy!!! Lovely to have your blog recognized.
Stan said…
Congratulation Peggy! And thank you for the kind link. These awards are great for discovering interesting new blogs; already I'm finding yours to be fascinating and full of lovely images of life and its cultivation. A pity you can't come to Galway!
Peggy said…
PeggyR. Thank you

GA farmwoman, Thanks Pam

Catherine, thanks again but not attending the actual awards ceremony is probably a major black mark!Understandable as having an awards ceremony that none of the recipients attends would be very boring!

Kathleen, I did not think about it until I read Catherines comment!

Ann, thank you

Stan, the best of luck on Sat night,the main benefit of thse awards is we discover so many new blogs to read and follow.
Marie said…
Hi Peggy - well done on being a finalist in the Irish Blog Awards. I share your surprise :-) I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my own blog on the list. In fact, it was someone else who told me it was there. I am sure you will agree, it is just a big thrill to have made it so far. And I really agree with you that this has been a great way to find new and interesting Irish blogs. i look forward to following your blog in the future. Kind Regards. Marie
Eolaí said…
Congratulations Peggy, from Galway where I arrived this evening for the awards.

A pity you can't be here with us but hopefully the awards can help plenty of new visitors discover your site.

Best of luck for Saturday - which it almost is now.

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