St Davids Day & Irish Blog awards

Today 1st March is St Davids Day in Wales,so I hope any Welsh readers are enjoying a day away from work and chores.These are the flags of Wales and St David, the dragon is the Welsh national flag and to the best of my knowledge St David slew the dragon.The daffodil is worn on lapels and/or a leek leaf.I don't have either this year as my daffs have not bloomed yet and the pesky rabbits ate the leaves off our leeks.
Catherine who writes a very informative blog Dispatches from the Deise nominated my blog for the Irish Blog awards it is in the very preliminary stages as yet but thank you Catherine for the nomination!Catherine's blog has been nominated in 2 categories both personal and food and drink and mine is in specialist!
I did not realise there were so many Irish blogs out there covering every topic under the sun!
I keep going back to the list and just browsing, it could take weeks to check out all of them, I feel I am in very illustrious company.
After the exertions of yesterday I may spend the day just pottering and browsing some blogs.
Have a great St David's Day everyone


Bangchik said…
Great! that your blog has been nominated for the Irish Blog Awards... ~bangchik
Becca's Dirt said…
I am so happy to meet you. Thank you for the kind comment left on my blog. I am now a follower of yours and I love your blog. I find it so interesting to follow blogs from around the world. I learn so many interesting things from other places in the world. I love to see your country from your perspective.

Congrats on the award.
keewee said…
Congrats on the nomination, I have my fingers crossed for you.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the nomination. You do have a wonderful blog.

Ann said…
You always have an interesting read on your blog and lots of pictures, so I'm not a bit surprised - well done!!!
Lynda said…
Congratulations, Peggy - your blog is well written and so informative & inspires so many people !
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
Congratulations on being nominated for the Irish Blog awards!
I have 3 Jonquils/daffodils bloomed so far with a lot of buds promising to bloom if we can every get more spring like weather!
We have a chance of snow flurries here today and real snow in north Georgia today. Very unusual Southern U.S.A. weather, indeed.

Have a great day.
Peggy said…
Bangchik: thank you, being nominated is a great honour as it was another blogger who entered me.

Becca's Dirt; Thank you,the best way to learn about another country is to learn how the people who live there work.

KeeWee: thank you, there are hundreds of very interesting blogs I am trying to visit as many as possible

Willow, thank you and also for visiting and leaving comments.

Ann; Thank you, I like blogs with pictures myself.

Lynda: Thank you,I enjoy yours which always has photos and something about the country, I am not too sure about inspiring people!

Pam,Thank you, good to see you back!It has been very unusual weather all over the world this year.I would not have thought Southern Georgia would get a lot of snow, I saw your photos they were terrific and to be treasured!
mangocheeks said…
Congratulations on the nomination. It is well deserved.

PS I had a good St Davids day, even though I was working in Scotland of all places :D

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