Guest Post

I was delighted to accept an invitation from Anna to do a guest post for her blog as they are starting work on new allotments for this season.It was my first guest post and I accepted with more than a little trepidation!
There is so much that could be said but not in one post so I stuck to the recycling and frugal approach! Anna has now posted it on her blog at The Urban Farmer,so pop over and read it Please.


Lynda said…
I am off now to have a look ;)
Ann said…
Excellent guest posting Peggy, it reminded me of a few things I haven't done yet, like get my potatoes in and sort out some protection from the wood pigeons.
Anna Bee said…
Peggy - Thanks for the link, and for doing the guest post - I think I'll be rereading this one a few times :-)

Peggy said…
Lynda, let me know what you think!

Ann, thank you the pigeon protection is priority!

Anna Bee,delighted to be invited to do it thank you
Anonymous said…
Just popped over and read your guest post,very informative and the kids make excellent models! No doubt about it they are enjoying the fruits of their labours!Love the bit about the deck chair and cuppa,would almost tempt me!Kathleen

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