Wet& Windy Irish Summer

Well July has arrived with no let up in the bad weather! Some areas of the country have had the wettest June in 50 years, other areas have had the highest rainfall in years. Temperatures are away down which is not helping anything outside to grow.

I have added a layout map of what is growing where on the allotment on the end of the page, as much for our own benefit as anything else. The plot is approx 30 feet long by 20 feet wide, not including paths. There is still another bed to be dug out which will not be used for anything this year. By next year it will all be ready for planting early in the year so we can get a head start hopefully.

The red onions went to seed and white turnips seeds were planted instead on 16th June. They have nearly all germinated by now and little rows of green are visible.

The Swede turnips also went to seed! Some of them grew about 18ins tall with a seed head. I pulled one or two just to investigate and the turnip was just tiny so they got pulled out as well. I bought them as a tray of plants but they were left in the boot of the car for about 3 weeks as I completely forgot about them so I don't think that did them any good!

I transplanted out Brussel Sprout plants into the space which Kathryn had sown as seeds directly into the ground.

The lady in the next plot had extra plants in the greenhouse which she passed on to me. I put them in around the scarecrow. They could be Melons but I am not sure! We will just wait and see what develops!

Everything is growing and the plot is looking very green and productive. If the rain does not stop the soft fruit on the bushes will rot instead of ripening .

The carrots in the barrel are doing OK too, not all of them germinated so not a very big crop there. I was reading the seed packets and we can still plant seeds directly in to the ground for an early winter crop.


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