Devon cream tea with an Irish Twist

I made the Gooseberry jam last night, 1Lb berries ( photo on Tues July 8th post) to 1 Lb of sugar, no liquid just a knob of butter. I must say it is the easiest jam I have tried. Those quantities made 1 and a half lbs of jam. I paid 89c in Aldi for 1kg of sugar, any home made jams are selling for around 3e at markets etc so I got a very good return!

Homemade sweet white scones and a dollop of cream to off set the tart taste of the gooseberries. It would also be good on morning toast instead of marmalade.

The scone recipe is roughly, 1lb of cream flour; 4ozs of margerine; 2ozs of castor sugar; 2 eggs beaten in enough milk to bind the dough together, keep back a small amount to brush the tops of the scones before baking.


fiftypushing said…
This takes me back to the days of my youth when my mum canned and bottled and jammed loads of fruit from her garden. We often had scones with cream! Of course, I didn't have cholesterol then. Maybe I should come and dig in your garden a bit! Wish we stil used pounds and ounces, only cups and mls and here in South Africa!
Peggy said…
Hi Fiftypushing, thanks for visiting.We are supposed to be metric here too but my scales does both! Cups I can never understand, very American like 'sticks'of butter.It is like asking how long is a piece of string! I still measure in feet and inches too. I will probably be sent off to some Gulag somewhere to learn.

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