Random Photos July

One of the overfed fat rabbits at the entrance to the cornfield, we were in the car about 6 ft away and it just stared at us! They seem to have no fear of cars or people coming and going.

Peppers growing in the greenhouse, we seem to have a glut of these but we will just have to wait and see if we get a glut of peppers! The large one in the black pot has a lot of flowers on it.

Not a great crop of tomatoes but they are improving! They are being watered regularly this week and there is a big difference. They have been sprayed for blight and are being fed once a week. I am religously removing side shoots since I discovered what they are, they seem to be the fastest growing part of the plant!
I also pinched off the growing tips as there are enough trusses on each plant now. Notice how I am throwing in the gardener speak there!
The courgette in the greenhouse.These 2 seem to be doing OK but we have lost about 4 to what I think is blossom end rot?! They get a discoloured soft patch at the tip and we have to throw them away. From reading about it, it may be caused by erratic watering...! I have been out nearly every day this week and watered and Kathryn has been up some evenings so regular watering seems to be working.

Kevin picking potatoes, enjoying getting up to his knees in dirt!

Our broccoli, this is actually on the 'master plan' as brussels sprouts, because some of the labels on the seed trays got mixed up. All of the brassicas look alike ( maybe not to more experienced gardeners) until they develop their own characteristics. We are not complaining as it is growing well and the florets are developing fast. It is the first time I have seen Broccoli growing, even Kevin was impressed when he saw it !

These are our leeks, they may not look much but they are coming on! Kathryn thinned them out during the week to give them a bit of room and they are doing better.They will be ready to plant into their winter bed by the end of July. See Daves allotment in links


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