Reduce, reuse, recycle

I wondered what the plastic bottles were doing on the strawberry patch on the next plot? William told me they were like mini greenhouses for the fruit and also kept the berries clean and off the ground! I had went to the trouble of putting hay under all of mine. These also make weeding easy as all you have to do is lift the bottle and weed underneath it, without disturbing the fruit! I am putting them down on any plant that is still fruiting or in flower. They need some protection from the rain and unseasonal cold weather.

After using the botttom half it is a shame to throw away the top. Then I remembered reading somewhere about making individual funnels to water or feed directly to the roots of a plant. This is the top of the bottle ( minus the cap) in situ in the top of one of my tomato plants. I can now
water and feed the plant directly to the roots without getting any on the foliage.

This is Kevin and Aoife demonstrating the 2 halves of a recycled bottle. we are going to make a few more to cover any plants that are still producing. There is never any shortage of plastic
drinking bottles when the kids are around!


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