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We tried growing carrots in a barrel last year and they turned out OK.This year we got a second one and said we would try it again. The barrels have stones at the bottom for drainage and haved been filled with manure just to bring up the soil level. The compost is a soil based one ( not supposed to dry out as much as peat based)! This is barrel 1, not too many carrots showing, I think they dried out at the start, I had not been out for a few days so they got no water during one of the few dry spells we got.

This is barrel 2, slightly better. They have improved a lot over the last week so maybe the rain has done some good for them.

The asparagus has lovely fronds blowing in the wind, they may as well enjoy because they wont be around long enough next year! We must bring up some bags of sea weed to mulch them. This is the second year we have left them go to seed and die back so I am looking forward to next years harvest. They are much bigger and stronger this year and all of the plants have produced 2 spears. So hopefully there will be even more by next year.


I like this idea of growing in a large pot. My 'Allotment Dad' John told me yesterday that he'd planted a single seed potato in a pot that yielded about 30 potatoes. I will try this next year, and also for carrots as you have, since I never have a great success with them.
Lovely to pass by for a catch up read of your blog.

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