Dave's advice

While browsing through gardening blogs I came across 'Dave's allotment' (see blog links). He seems to have grown just about everything and has photos of the various stages.I went to his blog archive for June 2007 to see what we could (or should) be doing and came across these nifty paper pots to replace peat pots. I got the girls working on them on one of our frequent rainy days. I planted Broccoli seeds 'Claret' on 29th June.

These are the plants on 9/7/08. They are about a week old now and will be ready to plant out in the allotment by the end of the month for cropping in March/April of next year. We are doing some forward planning! The paper pots have survived being out in torrential rain and the plants can be planted on without disrurbing the roots.


fiftypushing said…
You must have really green fingers! The last seeds I planted were agapanthus - and I watched and nurtured them for weeks - finally seeing two spindly growths which ended up looking suspiciously like weeds!! I must have sowed about 80 seeds!

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